Guys like the chase right?

Is it true that guys like the chase in getting a girl? If so, do you still like the chase once you get the girl? Meaning do you still like know that you have her, but gotta keep working to get her, or would you rather her to just give in? Also, if you do like the chase, what's the best way for a girl to keep you on your toes? Please post useful responses, not just yes and no answers. Tell me why you say yes and no.

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    Some guys like the chase others simply do not. Please understand in our culture men as well as women are always shown to 'like' a particular thing (like the chase etc) but it is not true as a matter of course. Im a man and though I know a few men who like the 'chase' even they admit to me that once you have the girl --it "gets old" if they have to be kept "on their toes". Ive found that you need to treat others as you would want them to treat you. If you had a guy would you want to be 'kept on your toes' all the time. Please dont just think "well Im a girl thats different"--sorry, its not! All people men and women have similar emotions. Lets put it this way say YOU were a man would you want some girl who you spent countless days on 'the chase' still play hard to get even after you 'caught her'? trust me on this as a man I know that a little of the chase is okay but if you continue it for a long time like those ladies from The Rules like to harp about --any man will eventually find a girl who gives him a little more attention. You can be appealing to a man without playing hard to get for the rest of your relationship. In the end the man feels--"what's the point --Ive been dating her now for 6 months and I still feel she could walk away at any time---I'm atta here!" Do you remember the old Archie comics where Archie was in love with both betty and veronica. Veronica always played hard to get and Archie would always go after her --but my younger sister sat down one day and counted how many times 9in aobut 500 archie comics) Archie actually ended up with Betty in the final cartoon panel (ie in her home etc). You see Betty was warm and not stand offish --she was there waiting as Veronica played her endless chase games--eventually Archie got discouraged and who ended up with him? Betty thats who.

    As for me personally I like a girl who is teasing/cute more than acting I have to chase her all the time (and even after the relationship started). Im a good looking guy so I havent had problems meeting girls --but do you know how many girls try to play the endless chase game with me? You know what I do--I walk away. hey I dont want to spend months at a time chasing some girl (Veronica) while a beautiful friendlier girl (Betty) would accept a date and a relationship with me without endless mind games. When you get down to it over the top and countinous 'chase' posturing to get the guy after you is just another mind game. Like my grandmother told me mother --run (play hard to get) but not too fast. You should never act like that after say the 7th date--if you were dating me and I saw you are still playing "chase" after that I would take my fabulous mind and chisled body and bid you adieu! Trust me on this one.

    By the way the above applies to good men not 'jerks' (you know jerks the slime bags some girls like who treat them like garbage). If you are dating a slime bag then you have to play chase FOREVER --because he will wander ANYWAY and the only way you'll keep him is to do that. How can you tell if a guy is a slimebag? He is overly macho (yes some girls like that --they think that is a 'real man'--nonesense --at the gym I work out in the 'macho' guys are little boys mentally!).

    Finally, to sum up: the chase is good --up to a point. Afterwards (unless the guy has self esteem problems) no good man would continue to 'chase' you. No offense but if he is worth it he has a life and you are only part of it! (And wouldn't you want a guy like that?--Do you want your man to spend the rest of his life not being sure about you and having to chase you ? If he has a life --he is trying to do something with it,acheive something, build something --a family, a business, a dream!) If you are the type of girl who thinks "yes he should be chasing me and being kept on his toes forever or for a long time because Im worth it Im number one"--I have news for you: yes you are a good looking girl--but beauty fades, life goes on and cats dont make for good husband substitues. Ask the ex-pinup model who lives next door to me she is 75 now with the face of a prune and has 8 cats. many men chased her when she was young --but she kept them all 'on their toes'. I hope you take my answer to your question in the spirit I am giving it --I am not trying to offend you - but saying what I have seen. PS guys who act 'hard to get' to women end up the same way too. As for the 'macho' guys --they are dead or in jail. yeah real men.

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    ahh the thrill of the chase. its true men love the chase, but moreso the actual catch. persistant chasing can be very tiring, and eventually become boring.

    if you are being chased by the same person all the time you need to slow down a little more often, so he can catch up and enjoy the thrill once again

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    We like the chase as long as there's a reward for the challenges. Don't jerk us around. And yes, mini'challenges once we are in a relationship suit us fine.

    The best way for a girl to keep me on my toes is for her to be constantly learning stuff and conversing on it with me. I learn, and if she's the right kind of girl, she'll aencourage me to do the same. Besides, there might just be a treat in it for me.

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    I don't know that I'd say I enjoy the chase...but then I'm probably the oldest one answering this question lol. In my day it wasn't called was called courting...and I still do things that would likely be considered old fashioned by alot of people today.

    I would NEVER want her to give in once I have her...that's what leads to "taking her for granted." I love coming up with fun ideas to let her know EVERY day how important she is to me...and for those special occassions...I come up with something like this...

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    I am not a big fan of chasing any one. Because I am not sure if I catch you I am really getting a catch or not, and besides there are plenty of catchs that you don't have to chase

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    Ok, guys are predators. We have hunted ever since the cave. If you want to get a feel for this then I suggest playing paintball. Anyway, yes, the adrenaline we experience is addictive, but is exactly opposite to the endorphins we get from love. We definitely prefer the adrenaline. Stop being just a conquest and compliment his spirit of adventure. Keep the adrenaline going in him and he will be yours.

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    yes. i definitelly like the chase, but i dont like girls who think being hard to get is a game. what happens after the chase? i stop chasing and, truth to tell, take her for granted. sorry but that is the truth

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