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The 12th Stephanie Plum novel?

Have you read it or are you reading it? It just came out a week or so ago and I was just wondering if it is as good as the others....

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    So far it's not as funny. I'm about half way through. Lula is trying a hand at being a singer as part of an act called the What? ("like the Who, but we're What?") mildly entertaining.

    So far the plot is o.k. - I want to know what happens in the "mystery" with Ranger and his kidnapped daughter.

    I usually wait for softback editions, but starting to look forward to the latest adventure and popped for the hardback. So far, it's not one of the best.

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    I was wondering the same thing........I hate to spend $26.95 if it isnt that good. I own the rest of the series, and will buy it, but if its crap, I'll wait til it goes to paperback

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    i just opend it but the tiltle looks good

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  • you can read some of it at

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