Where should I eat while in Tucson, AZ?

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    Tucson has some great resturants - both fancy and family run:

    Cafe Poca Cosa - Quirky semi-fancy neuvo-Mexican with a frequently changing menu of custom creations. Popular with locals and reviewers alike. Downtown near the train museum.

    Mi Nidito - Everybody has their favorite traditional family-run Mexican food place. This one has been around for 40+ years and has attracted the attention of visiting presidents and movie stars. South 4th Ave (South Tucson).

    El Charro - Like Mi Nidito, another Tucson tradition with excellent family-recipe Mexican food. Located in a historic old house on Court Ave downtown.

    Austins Ice Cream Parlor - Family-run soda shop - a real authentic survivor from the 1950s (when it was founded). They make all their own ice cream as well as sandwiches, soups, etc. On Broadway, just east of the U of A.

    Janos (and the J Bar) - Probably Tucson's top-ranked fine-dining resturant. Head Chef Janos Wilder is a world-recognized chef and this cafe is often highlighed on national reviews. North Tucson, La Paloma Resort.

    El Guero Canelo - Tired of fancy and mainstream? This no-thrills neighborhood 'hotdog stand' with outdoor seating in South Tucson is one of the best places to get a south-of-the-border creation called a 'Sonoran Dog'. I know people in Phoenix that will drive to Tucson just for a Sonoran Dog. South 12 Ave.

    Eegees - Ok, nothing to write home about. But this is a Tucson-based chain and part of the local eating scene (especially in summer). Kinda like a Subway sandwich shop but with their special slushy drink - the 'Eegee'. All over Tucson (and nowhere else).

    Source(s): Lived in Tucson for many years and frequently visit there (often just for the food)
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    Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse at Traildust Town.

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    I love Tucson. I ate at the huddle house though and the Laquinta Inn.

  • Cheddars on Broadway, by far one of the best burger joints in town.

    Elliots on 4th Ave, another really good bar/burger joint. Try a Buttery Nipple.

    Sir Veza's, one of the best Mexican restaurants. On Speedway.

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    check this site for all the fine dinning in this area,




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    a restraunt:)

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