Cessna Citation 550 B LCN?

I want to know Load Classification Number of aircraft Cessna Citation Bravo CE 550 B

I shall be obliged to have the information

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    British Load Classification Group/Load Classification Number (LCG/LCN) Pavement Strength Reporting System

    A number of airlines operate to airports that use a pavement rating system for runway strength reporting referred to as either 1) Load Classification Group (LCG) followed by a roman numeral (from I to VII), or 2) Load Classification Number (LCN) which is based on the Load Classification Group (LCG) system. Airports reporting their runway strength in the LCG system are primarily found in the following countries: Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe. All airports in the preceding countries with runways having their runway strengths reported as LCNs are assumed to be derived from the LCG system. Note, the US Military use of LCNs for documents such as the Automated Airfield Information File (AAFIF) is also based on the LCG system.

    The Maximum ramp weight of the Cessna Citation Bravo is 15,000 lbs

    (6,804 kg).

    Based on the cited web site below I believe the LCN is 20.

    However, you should print the table on that web site and try to figure it out yourself.

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