How education help in mental development of a child?

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    1 decade ago
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    Dear Rupal,

    Education contributes a lot for our mental development. This can be clearly distinguished by seeing a literate child and an illiterate child.

    From standard 1, we learn simple things, our mind opens a bit. In standard 5, we learn a little complicated things and our mind learns to tackle with complicated matters. In standard 10, we learn a bit technical education and our mind gets broader and learns to resolve technical problems.... and the series goes on and on... The more you learn, the more your brain expands and your brain gets used to tackle with difficult problems easily. We learn more and more with our experiences. You can take a man of 30 who is illiterate and a man of 30 who is literate and take their IQ test and the result we already know. By getting education, a child learns to differentiate between positive and negative, right or wrong, optimist or pessimist... How all this happens and what is the mechanism of the expansion of brain by getting education, is still a mystery.

    Hope this helps!!

    Source(s): I am a class 9th student...
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    1 decade ago

    a child is able to think on his own if he's literate.

    when a child start going to school he starts learning about colors,numbers,alphabets,relations

    & with this he starts relating every thing with his surrounding

    & think about things that take place around him every day

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