what are the names,birth date,place of grate mathematicians and their acheivements ?

from Einstien Albert to 10 great scientists of the maths- their contributions and theories- birth place-countries etc.

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    Choose either of these lists:



    They contain all you need. Also, www.wikipedia.com is your friend.

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    C'mon. You're just lazy. Go to any good mathematical encyclopedia and look them up. But as for the top ten, they vary widely. And Einstein probably isn't on the list, as he was a physicist, and notoriously bad at the simplest math. He had much help from graduate assistants. However on the really big stuff, he was gifted beyond most men in his ability to conceive and explain his theories of relativity to the world. Most of his peers in physics never quite understood them well.

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    The grate mathemetician was Fresnel. He developed a grate consisting of very narrow parallel slits through which light could be diffracted, and he did many experiments dealing with the diffraction of light. The Fresnel lens now bears his name in homor of his work.

    If you want information about some great mathemeticians, see the other answers.

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    you have come to wrong place

    go to encyclopedia

    sam ;)

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    you can select from this list:

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