What is this weeks horiscope for Capricorn?

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    for today the general horoscope it is........ You're like a political staffer, full of ideas for slogans and great new politicies to keep the people happy and the economy moving. Don't restrict yourself to little things. Your talents are useful on a bigger scale. For the week the general horoscope it is.....You're a driven person, and sometimes, when things don't progress as quickly as you'd like them to, you get frustrated. That's totally understandable, but also totally unnecessary. Give yourself -- and others -- a break. There are good things on the horizon; let the world deliver them to you when it's ready. Friends crowd every room you're in on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, most of the voices you hear are in your own head. You just can't rest! Your tirelessness is an amazing quality, but let yourself sleep in on Saturday. Sunday promises to be fantastic. on love and relationships for the week is.......

    Sure, change can be scary, but the energy the stars are sending you at the beginning of the week can only bring fresh goodness into your heart and soul. Cultivate positivity and let difficulties roll right off you. Wednesday and Thursday are likely to find you wrapped up in some work issues; if you've got a partner, bring them a treat and apologize for your mental absence. You're rock solid this weekend, though, with plenty of sweetness to go around. For maximum enjoyment, plan a date -- down to the last lovely detail. On career and finacing for the week it is....... Reading the day's newspaper may be a source of great ideas for you on Monday. At the beginning of the week the muscles you're stretching are those that deal with being receptive, curious, and present. Newspapers are helpful in these areas. A complicated business puzzle takes up most of your day on Wednesday, and Thursday is beset by the demands of coworkers. But Friday and Saturday are productive, illuminating, even merry-making. You're so happy by the end of the week you'll most likely feel like working on Sunday.And the famous capricorns are (which you proble dont know of most of them)........ Celebrity Birthdate

    Embeth Davidtz January 01

    Christy Turlington January 02

    Cuba Gooding Jr. January 02

    Mel Gibson January 03

    Julia Ormond January 04

    Michael Stipe January 04

    Diane Keaton January 05

    Marilyn Manson January 05

    Robert Duvall January 05

    Joey Lauren Adams January 06

    John Singleton January 06

    Carolyn Bessette Kennedy January 07

    Nicholas Cage January 07

    David Bowie January 08

    Elvis Presley January 08

    Chris Evert January 09

    Crystal Gale January 09

    Jimmy Page January 09

    George Foreman January 10

    Pat Benatar January 10

    Rod Stewart January 10

    Joely Richardson January 11

    Mary J. Blige January 11

    Naomi Judd January 11

    Howard Stern January 12

    Kirstie Alley January 12

    Melanie "Sporty Spice" Chisholm January 12

    Rush Limbaugh January 12

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus January 13

    Faye Dunaway January 14

    LL Cool J January 14

    Steven Soderbergh January 14

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. January 15

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. January 15

    Aaliyah January 16

    Kate Moss January 16

    Marilyn Horne January 16

    Sade Adu January 16

    Jim Carrey January 17

    Muhammed Ali January 17

    Kevin Costner January 18

    Dolly Parton January 19

    Estella Warren December 23

    Ricky Martin December 24

    Annie Lennox December 25

    Barbara Mandrell December 25

    Jared Leto December 26

    Gerard Depardieu December 27

    Denzel Washington December 28

    Jude Law December 29

    Mary Tyler Moore December 29

    Ted Danson December 29

    Tiger Woods December 30

    Tracey Ullman December 30

    Anthony Hopkins December 31

    John Denver December 31

    Val Kilmer December 31

    Source(s): yahoo horoscope
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