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How did you feel about the STS-107 Space Shuttle Columbia accident? Where were you when you heard it happened

I personally cried for a day or two and sent a condolance package to NASA...

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    I woke up to a news report on the radio about how NASA had lost contact with their shuttle, and there had been reports of falling and burning debris. I was sad.

    Honestly... We should be surprised that things don't go wrong more often. Launching into space is a delicate and dangerous venture. There are far more people who are killed each year by toothpicks than die for the purpose of space exploration. This is something we should be proud of.

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    I thought "Oh crud. . . not AGAIN" remembering the Challenger in 1986. I was in the living room in my house in Denver. My then 5 or 6 year old son decided then he would never be an astronaut: too dangerous. I had always wanted to be one, and still do.

    I immediately began thinking about how this would impact NASA and our future in space exploration, something that is still not clear.

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    That was the one back in the 80's right? I was in high school at the time and kids at that age can't fully appreciate or fathom the gravity of such an occurrence and have other things on their mind. What went through my mind when I heard went something like this." Man, that sucks. Hey that chicks hot!" That was very thoughtful of you to send a condolence package. I'm sure they appreciated it.

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    I feel horible about it. THere was a huge loss. Especially for the children on Earth waiting for new from the teacher that was sent into space.

    I was in my mom's stomach when it happend.

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    i was very sad and concerned about a friend of a friend who is an astronaut (she is fine).

    i was at home and saw it on the news so i went to the web right away to get more info.

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