Where can I get more financial help only making $688/month on SS Disability & SSI Please? I can't pay my taxes

Where can I get more financial help only making $688/month on SS Disability & SSI Please? I can't pay my taxes

Hi! I am disabled and only make $688 per month on SS Disability and SSI combined with a small amount of food stamps. I cannot work any longer. My home is mortage free and my taxes cut in 1/2 because of the disability which is a blessing from God, however I owe $3000 in back taxes and they soon will go to the county and to the company called EXPAND who is the collections agency for the county of ERIE in Buffalo, NY and they will forclose on the home and auction it off. They do not care if you owe $30 or

3 million...you must pay it in full. No partial payments can be made.

If I sell the home I would have "some" money but not enough to live on for more than about 18 months max. Then I would be homeless. I have no where else to go. I have to keep the home but have no way of paying these back taxes. Does ANYONE know of ANY other assistance that is out there for disabled people in the form of cash benefits for such instances? Once you are on SSSD you cannot collect public asst. Help!

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    what about going to your church and if they cant help maybe they can lead you in the right direction to get help. I understand the hard times as I have had my share but some how it always worked out. Good Luck

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    Source(s): $2642/Month Disability Benefits - http://Disability.ohfos.com/?ryJ
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    If you are 62 years old or older you can take out a reverse mortgage on your house. The amount can be taken in a lump sum, monthly payments or a combination of the two. I would take the $3000 lump and pay the taxes, plus another lump for unforeseen large problems, the furnace goes..etc. Then take enough monthly to pay the monthly taxes and any other bills you need to pay. This way you can stay in your house for quite a while. Check with your bank. These are like cumulative loans that you do ot have to pay anything back until you sell your house.

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    some states have property tax deferral programs for the disabled...you would still owe but they couldn't take your house. Taxes get paid when you sell. Some states also have rebate programs where you can get most of the taxes back from the state but you would have to pay first.

    Since your mortgage free you shouldn't consider selling. Can you get some roomates to help pay the tax?

    Call your city to see if they have a program too.

    Last opportunity might be to borrow the funds from a family member.

    Good luck.

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    Good advice was given already. Maybe, you can get several businesses to sponsor you and have fundraiser's. I wish you Good Luck!

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