Where can I get more financial help only making $688/month on SS Disability & SSI Please? I can't pay my taxes

Hi! I am disabled and only make $688 per month on SS Disability and SSI combined with a small amount of food stamps. I cannot work any longer. My home is mortage free and my taxes cut in 1/2 because of the disability which is a blessing from God, however I owe $3000 in back taxes and they soon will go to the county and to the company called EXPAND who is the collections agency for the county of ERIE in Buffalo, NY and they will forclose on the home and auction it off. They do not care if you owe $30 or

3 million...you must pay it in full. No partial payments can be made.

If I sell the home I would have "some" money but not enough to live on for more than about 18 months max. Then I would be homeless. I have no where else to go. I have to keep the home but have no way of paying these back taxes. Does ANYONE know of ANY other assistance that is out there for disabled people in the form of cash benefits for such instances? Once you are on SSSD you cannot collect public asst. Help!

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    How can you live on $688.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless! and God Speed!!!!!!!!





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    The government really does not care for people in these situations.The only other solution to your problem would be to add all your bills together and take the dollar figures and the company names and addresses to a lawyer.They could assist you in filling bankruptcy which will hurtt your credit rating for 7 to 10 years but will save your home.The bankruptcy will eliminate all amounts on for these taxes but you need to make sure all taxes are paid on time in the future because they can auction your home if you fall behind just once due to the fact that they had to write off the previous balance.If you take this route,just remember to include all your bills including loans,credit cards,car notes,or anything you are paying on,little or big.The only other options would be to find a bank that will give you a loan with small payments using the home as collateral,but then you have another payment.If that is not an option for you then maybe there is a close relative that would be willing to help you out.

    Good luck,I will pray that you find the solution without loosing your home.

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    a reverse mortgage is definitley an option for you.

    the bank buys back your home over time so now, they send YOU money.

    call your title company (whoever did the title on your mortgage) and ask them for a referral to a mortgage person or call your own local bank. i would also ask the title company about reposession of your home. (i did mortgages in a past life... and i saw people who owed back taxes on property for 17 years and no I'm not kidding) is the no partial payment deal coming from the county? or is that just the collection agency? if you don't know, call the county tax assessor's office. that no partial payments bit sounds like a load of crap to me...

    on other notes - call all the local community organizations and ASK for help.

    Rotary Club



    Knights of Columbus



    where did you work when you became disabled? maybe you still have some support there?

    because your house is paid off, there is a lot of equity in it, shady people will try to take it from you for next to nothing because they can sell it and make a nice profit.

    make sure you verify with the county that this company does indeed work for them. also, find out if you send a partial payment to the county (instead of the collection agency) do they have to accept it?

    call your local representative/senator and your community LEADERS -elections are coming up this fall i bet...

    gosh i hope i helped.

    put you in my prayers.

    ps - there are some AMAZING mortgage programs out there now and the flexibility in lending has changed dramatically. if you ask for referral to a good mortgage broker, they have access to a lot more programs than a regular bank.


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    See if you cant get a loan toward your home to pay the $3000- your pmts. cant be should n't be more than &100mo. depending on how long you take the loan out for. Go talk to a bank it wouldn't hurt they might know of a foundation that can halp you or better yet go to your local CAP and talk to them. If you live alone maybe you could get a roommate to help w/costs. Best of Luck

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    I don't know about NY. , but do you have a roommate if not get one. How ever that does become a taxable income, if you declare it. If you are a veteran there is a veteran assistance program that is not considered public asst. If all else fails grow pot, it works, and most people won't care.

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    i am not sure about the laws in PA, but have you looked into a backwards mortgage? Where the govt pays you to live in your home. when you are deceased or leave, then it becomes government property.

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