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Why is the New York State Education Board holding financial disbursements?

The New York Board of Ed won't cooperate with the financial aid department to disburse anyone's finanacial aid packages at my SUNY school, why is that?


No one is getting their aid package for the summer, which means most of us can't pay rent or buy groceries, and all they can continue to say is be patient we're trying to hurry the process along with the state board....sheesh.

Update 2:

Also, the problem isn't with a loan, it's with TAP. According to my school they won't certify my TAP award so it can be released, don't know how much that has to do with the school itself.

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    I went to a SUNY School many years ago. My financial aid was held up, but I think the fact of the matter was that the school had the money and didn't release it to us (they didn't admit that, of course). If you take the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in aid that a whole college gets, and you put that in an interest bearing account for 30 days, it probably generated thousands of dollars in interest for the school to add to it's operating budget for that year.

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    The best site for that is the Department of Education. Good luck!!! -------> International Students on the web <------- --->Great search engine and information site for everything <--- --> Dept. of Education for any questions<--

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