Hmm, Israel involved in 9/11?

USS Liberty

I am not anti-israel or anything, but just think. Israel helps coordinate the attacks of 9/11 provides false information on Iraqs WMD programs and gets the US to attack Iraq to help divert attention of the middle east Arabs from itself and towards the invading "crusaders."

Hmmm. Probably not any where near true, but after the USS Liberty incident I cant help but wonder.


the number of attacks in Israel have dropped significantly since the invasion of Iraq, or since the death of Arafat

Update 2:

whoa woody i didnt say all that. I am just suspicious because of the USS Liberty that was attacked for six hours.

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    The claim that Israel was involved revolved around a couple of key points. One was that Sharon was warned to stay out of New York the day of the attacks because he was planning on attending a festival in the city. The problem with this claim is that Sharon wasn't told to stay out of New York until Sept. 12, and the festival was scheduled for the 23 of Sept.

    The other major point was the claim that 4,000 Jews who worked near the WTC stayed away from work that day. The report, however, was a mis-interpretation of a Jewish newspaper article from Sept. 12 that said that Israel had recieved the names of 4,000 Jews reported to have been near the site on Sept. 11. The Jews occupy about 5% of American population, yet 10% of the victims of 9/11 were Jews.

    Then there was the Jew who was "celebrating" on a rooftop a few blocks away. Only thing was, he was an Israeli spy who had infiltraded Al Quaida, and wasn't able to get the word out in time. He had to celebrate with the other members of Al Quaida so as not to give away his identity. This is the same guy who reported about two weeks ahead of time to Mossad (the Israeli intelligence agency) that there was a pending large-scale attack being planned against the US (further details were unknown, and Israel passed word on to the FBI right away). Mossad also passed these same warnings on to France and Egypt.

    The Jewish company located in the WTC had been moved, yes, but the move had been planned to relocate about a year earlier, and the plan to move was officially announced in April of 2001.

    The claim that Israel is responsible does not add up.

    The USS Liberty was a different matter completely.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is a question that many people would not like to think about or even consider, but I do agree with you, have read the very same, not to mention that they are pushing the U.S. for a war with Iran.

    Also, Israel knew of the attacks before they happened to have alerted all their people not to be in the WTC.

    The “five dancing Arabs” at the site of the WTC after the horrible damage was done, were none other than Israeli’s dressed as Arabs.

    The Osama Bin Laden tape was fake as per the website: (look in the archives for that one).

    Also check this article: - it says: Israelis Hold Keys To NSA/US Military Computer Networks

    Critical, Crucial US Government And Military Computer Networks Still Using Israeli 'Security' Software

    Before the tragic 9/11, Israel was becoming for the very first time under the spotlight for their actions against the Palestinian people, the horrible Rachel Corrie murder etc.. With 9/11, Israel was able to regain the world's sympathy on their side against the "bad" Arabs.

    If you would like to pursue this further, I have provided sources for your reading. There’s lot's of information there on the subject.

    RLIEDTKY: would you please provide the sources for your information because I have read in several other sources information contrary to what you are claiming.

    The Jew who was “celebrating” on the rooftop – if he knew about this 2 weeks ahead of time and reported it to the Mossad, how can you say he wasn’t able to get the word out in time – he already did?

    If he was “celebrating” with Al Quaida, he must have known their identity and their intentions beforehand, so why didn’t he report them instead of “celebrate” with them?

    Source(s): (check the archives for the topics you want to read about) - good one - good one - good one - good one - This the French connection - good one about the Israeli involvement in a lot of issues
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  • 6 years ago

    I have trouble believing Israel had anything to do with the 911 attack.Not that they would not be capable but that they would work with Arabs to do it. I believe they spy on us. Every country spies on each other friendly or not. Those art students? Why did all our govt facilities give them access?We spy on all these countries too.Sharon was not trustworthy and I always felt he was a dictator and would kill if necessary. Mossad is a great intel org. Who found all those war criminals?You cant say it was Israel and the arabs that did 911.All these theories have serious people making their cases does not mean they are right. Even Carl Cameron from Fox news got his special report from somewhere.I could write a report but that doesnt make it true. Surely these people dont think Obama will dsclassify this stuff and take the chance that Bush will be exonerated. Maybe obama handlers are the reason for all these stories. There are way too many to put faith in one.

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  • No. The USS Liberty was attacked for 6 hours because LBJ would not allow jets to scramble to save it. It was a false flag, if you will. The US was involved in the attacks of 9/11, not Israel.

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    Involved? They orchestrated the whole damn thing, from beginning to end! And the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, too! And the one in Bali! And every other natural or man-made disaster since the beginning of the universe!

    When will the world wake up? When will people of free will aound the globe finally, FINALLLLY, say no to Israeelies blowing up school buses, beheading people, jacking up oil prices, and emitting vile smells from their filthy personas? It's time, I tell you, it's time!

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  • 6 years ago

    Israel did 911 and America knows. That is why we hate them and no longer consider them an ally. So many people support Palestine now because everyone knows Israel Mossas and the Zionist Jewish mafia did 911.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've read quite a few articles that argue they were. Furthermore, some say that on 9/11 over 2 billion dollars were taken out by some jews. So, you tell me.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What do you think?

    9-11 involved in Israel?

    usa is their whipping dog? being led on their leash?

    do you know that oil in Iraq and Afganistan is being pumped

    into Israel?

    Now when we run out will they help us?

    Probably not.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    HMMM, I heard if you stop smoking so much weed, you become less paranoid. Just a suggestion. Al Quieda and Osama ALREADY CLAIMED 9/11 as THEIR ATTACK.... get over the blame game.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sure. Israel wants us to attack the Arabs so that they get all pissed and continue to homicide bomb innocent civilians in Israel. Sounds reasonable to me.

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