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請問”我可以送你回家嗎” 的英文怎麼說??

可以用 will i see your home? or Do you need me to give you a lift to home??

thank you!!

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    Can I take you homeCan I accompany you back homeCan I give you a ride home隨便講一個對方都會懂啦

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    Can I take you home?

    Can I walk you home?

    Can I accompany you home?

    Can I give you a ride home?




  • May I take you home?


  • 1 decade ago

    May I take you home?

    我覺得用May I比較好喔~比較客氣ㄉ語氣~

    像你常常聽人家說''我可以進來嗎?'',英文就會說''May I come in?''

    或者''要我幫你嗎?'',英文會說''May I help you?''

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