roads and prosperity?

good roads lead a nation to prosperity. True or false?

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    Always True. Infrastructure is the building block of a prosperous society.

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    I think the answer is both quite honestly. Roads can both serve as a boon to a region, or devastatingly destructive. There are examples of both in the U.S. Roads are an essential part of our infrastructure, allowing us easy and efficient (most of the time) of goods and services throughout the country, allowing people the freedom and ability to travel to places in the country they may never have the chance to visit otherwise, and

    Roads in excess, however, can be tremendously detrimental to a society. Roads can stimulate urban sprawl, which brings with it an enormous list of social ills. Many highways in the 50's and 60's drove enormous gashes through cities, leveling and isolating neighborhoods, increasing pollution, and helping to drain many cities of their people, and their prosperity, which many have yet to recover from. The list goes on and on for both sides of the debate.

    So, do I think good roads can lead a nation to prosperity? I guess my answer would be no. A factor? Possibly, but personally, I think the number one thing that can lead a nation to true, SUSTAINABLE prosperity is the education of its people. Good roads are just a byproduct of prosperity.

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    Who knows... It's entirely possible that the causation is the reverse; prosperous nations can afford better roads.

    Also, the most important determinant of prospeity is not roads; it's institutions. Read this for starters:

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