Where to eat with kids and still have fine dining?

I have two children and we like to take them out with us only the places we go are nutty with kids all over the place. I have to chace my son around while my husband sits with our daughter. I would like to go somewhere that my husband and I can go to feel like adults and our children can go to feel like kids.


I'm in MA. and my children are very well behaved. I would like a place that kids could enjoy and my husband and I as well.

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    I'm not sure where you live, but their are several Italian restaurants that I know of that have a fun environment for children, but still have good food and are a pleasant place to eat for adults. There is Bucca di Beppo which has locations in about 20 states across the U.S. You eat family style great Italian food here.

    "About Us

    Buca di Beppo has been serving up exceptional Italian Family Style Dining since 1993. We serve Authentic Italian dishes passed down from generation to generation. Dinner groups large and small come to enjoy everything from appetizers, salads, pastas, pizzas and meat entrees, to desserts, beer and fine wine — all in a festive, hospitable environment. Buca di Beppo is an Italian-American favorite for both young and old.

    Our food is meant to be shared and served on family style platters perfect for passing around the table! Dishes are available in two portion sizes; Buca Small serves 2 or more people — great for date night.Buca Large serves 4 or more — perfect for friends and family celebrations, the office party and client outings, just to name a few.

    We take reservations! So call ahead and we’ll set aside a great booth, table or room for your group. Or, if you want to eat at home, just call and order Buca To Go. Curb Service available at many locations."


    There is also the the Spaghetti Warehouse which isn't in as many states, but still has a fun Italian atmosphere including a old trolley in the middle of the restaurant.

    "In 1972, the first Spaghetti Warehouse opened in the old warehouse district of downtown Dallas. Victor Petta Jr. created hearty, made from scratch favorites by combining recipes handed down through generations of the Petta family with American abundance. Chef Victor also invented our patented system for cooking pasta to create perfect al dente pasta every time. Our commitment to quality has seen the Spaghetti Warehouse grow to more than 22 restaurants in 9 states - and we're still growing. "


    If these are not located in your area I'm sure there may be some other fun Italian restaurant that your children would enjoy, but you can still get a pleasnt experience.

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    Sphghetti Factory

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    Get a babysitter.

    If you still want to take your kids, please teach them how to behave in public. Kids in restaurants should not be running around and screaming. This is unpleasant for other diners and it is dangerous for kids and servers. Picture this: your kid is happily playing doggy and chasing another kid crawling on the floor of a crowded restaurant. A server is trying to make his/her way around the kids with a tray full of hot soup/coffee/entrees. In spite of the server's best efforts to steer around the child, the kid runs into the server and gets hot food/ drinks spilled all over them. I think you get the picture. Teach your kids how to behave in public early and remind them often how to behave. After that, you can pick and choose which restaurants you can all enjoy!

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    somewhere fun for them would be the rainforest cafe?? there are a few spread out around the us

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    It might not be FINE dining but my kids LOVE Outback!

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    dave & busters

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    try shoneys

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