Who would like to start a petition to get rid of the Electoral College?

I am trying to get a petition together to get rid of the electoral college and I would like to know if there are others like me. It is truly outdated and only the vote of each american should be the deciding factor regarding presidency.


After reading the answers, I see some people are still living in LaLa land. Bkhe you must be a child to post and answer like that. We do not need the electoral college in this day and age. Presidency should be decided by popular vote! Not by EC. The EC was put into place because the "founding fathers" did not trust people to vote the way they wanted.

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    Shawn Paul Williams


    I do hereby invoke my good name to the cause of ridding this land of the electoral college.

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    You can get all of the petitions you want, but unless 38 states agree to it, it won't be eliminated.

    And, believe me, there are at least 13 states that are smart enough to realize that they make out like bandits from the Electoral College, and won't cede more power to California. Do you think politicians would go to West Virginia in an election where only popular votes counted, as there are less than 2 million people in that state? But with 5 electoral votes in a close election, they'll go there.

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    A petition is not the way to go.

    The Electoral College is part of the Constitution, so for it to be replaced with something else would require a Constitutional Ammendment. This means that it requires a supermajority in both houses of Congress, and then needs a super majority of the State Legislatures to accept it as an ammendment. Even if this were a big issue, which sadly it is not, you are literally looking at about fifteen years before anything would happen.


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    I agree the electorial college is outdated. There is a problem with getting rid of it, though. If you get a petition together and somehow end the whole electoral college, what will take it's place? There has to be a plan for what will replace it. And since our government depends so highly on it, it would be difficult to get rid of. It's there for a reason, and though undemocratic, it is funcitional.

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    Not me!! I beleive that the the Four Fathers had the Electoral College set up for a reason and should remain so. LEAVE THE CONSTIUTION ALONE!!! It says what it does for a reason.

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    Not me. The electoral college is great. If you want to abolish the electoral college, you might as well abolish states as well. Why should we have them anyway?

    Small states have a say. Otherwise city folk run roughshod over us country folk. Remember, if we do not farm, you starve to death.

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    Great idea - then we wouldn't have a president who was not elected by the popular vote!

  • 1 decade ago

    i would. It's a stupid, arcane system that undermines in the doctrine of one man, one vote.

    But good luck getting swing states, Iowa and New Hampshire to sign on.

    They LOVE all that power and attention.

  • MC
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    1 decade ago

    I would sign it for sure

  • 1 decade ago

    I would love to!

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