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Should we close the The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation formerly School of the Americas?

The school is frequently cited as an example of United States support for regimes in Latin and South America that employ death squads and otherwise infringe upon human rights.

One example (of many) -

1LT Luis Enrique Andrade Ortiz, 1983, Cadet Arms Orientation Course

Massacre of a judicial commission, 1989: Believed to be the

intellectual author of the paramilitary massacre of 12 officials,

including 2 judges, who were investigating military/paramilitary


Assassination, 1988: Ordered the assassination of farmer Jorge Ramírez,

carried out by a military/paramilitary patrol under his command.

Assassination, 1988: Ordered the assassination of José Sánchez, also

carried out by military/paramilitary soldiers under his command. Then

he had the corpse put on display for the benefit of the public.

Ramírez family massacre, 1986: Andrade Ortiz was one of officers in

charge of military/paramilitary soldiers who broke into the home of the

Ramírez family killing all.


You graduated there and taught there and now all you can say to me to defend it is "No!!!!" wow. Did you read the manual on low intesity warfare where it says to enter civilian villages and select a male, castrate him in front of the village to incite fear?

NO!!!, you are too funny.

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    can a school be responsible for the actions of it's graduates? what about the Marines, can they be responsible for Lee Harvey Oswald's actions????

    But hey keep on going to Benning and protesting, I used to love arresting the college students who come to protest a little early and always, always have weed in their cars. LOL.

    Should their respective colleges be shut down because their students got arrested for trying to come on base with a bag of weed in their cars?? and when they roll down their windows it looks like a cheech and chong movie!!!!

    That's the best.

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    Source(s): I Graduated there and I taught there.
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