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Help Democratic and Republican parties?

I was wondering if any one could help me out?

Describe the organization of the Democratic and Republican parties.

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    Both parties are organized beginning at the local level with countywide or city wide organizations. The precise nature of the organization is a factor of local rules.

    Depending on the local rules there is usually some sort of Statewide Party Convention at which the State Party chairman is elected. At the same time the State Party will elect two members (one male, one female) to the National party committee.

    The National Party Committee elects the National party chairman.

    NB: A State Party's affiliation with a National Party is not automatic. Either organization can refuse to affiliate with the other. While this rarely happens it has happened at various times.

    Moreover, there have been situations in which there have been competing State Organizations, both claiming the right to be affiliated with the National Party.

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    Democrats champion organized labor, the environment and social programs, but the later is bent on supporting the organized labor in education, health care and even law enforcement.

    Republicans champion free trade, lower taxes, and employers \ business. They preach conservative values most notably the responsibility of the individual vs goverment.

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    it's the job of the party who is not in power to Divide us as a people. United we stand divided we fall. Whichever party is not in power will sling mud at the other until they gain power. All the while our brave soldiers die in Iraq due to the political strife that causes stalling here in America. This country was NEVER stronger than it was on Sept. 12, 2001. We were United and at the apex of our strength. As true to form we blew it once again.

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    democrates are more for starting programs,like welfare,social stuff,etc..and raising taxes for those programs

    republicans are more for big companies,richer people,but also like to cut taxes.

    but both parties lie & take from everyone,so if you vote,try to vote for the best liar.

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    Democrats give their used clothing to charities.

    Republicans wear theirs.

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    if you want some one to think for go dummycrat if you want to think for yourself go Republican

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