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What does Bush's Resume look like?

Curious as to what's in it.

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    Here you go:

    Brown Brothers Herriman, 1940's

    Grandfather, Prescott Bush, sold war metals to war enemy Adolf Hitler, before assets were seized by US government.

    Grandfather also dug up and hung Cheif Sitting Bull's bones above the fireplace mantle at the Yale Skull & Bones Society Center. Indians sued, and were finally able to recover the bones for themselves.

    Founder & CEO, Zapata Oil Corporation, 1950's

    Father founded oil exploration company, drilled for oil off the Cuban coast, and helped the CIA create the Northwoods Operation where mock Cuban military strike was planned for pretext for war against Cuba.

    Kennedy Assisinatation, 1960's

    Father helped orchastrate JFK's assasination and became CIA Director afterwards, because JFK was going to dismantle the CIA, with the help of then F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover, due to the Northwoods Operation, and CIA corruption.

    Yale from 1964 until 1968

    Daddy paid my way through school, even though I was not getting good grades. Experimented with many drugs, and became an alcoholic. I became a member of the super-secret Skull and Bones society of satanism, following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather.

    Texas Air National Guard, 1968-73

    I went Awol from the Guard for almost 9 months, but daddy bailed me out.

    Harvard Business School, 1975

    Couldn't cut it at Yale, so I had to go to Harvard where daddy paid off the dean so I could graduate with a masters in business.

    Governor of Texas, 1994-2000

    Daddy paid for my election campaign, and helped me buy my way into politics.

    President of the United States, 2000-Present

    After stealing the election in 2000, with the help of my brother, governor of Florida, I quickly went to work orchastrating the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon so I could have an excuse to finish the oil pipeline, with my partner Richard Cheney's company Haluburton Oil, that now runs through Eurasia. Although our patsy, Usama Bin Laden never accepted responsibility, my good friends at Fox News, and the mainstream media has done a great job concealing these facts!

    I went on to steal the election in 2004, and continue to profit from big oil, drug, and war manufacturing through the private sector!

    I continue to receive large ammounts of money in the form of contibutions from companies like Exxon, and Haliburton.

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    In between college and governor of TX he was in the Air National guard, either TX or AL, I don't know which. He was the head of several failed business ventures, usually losing other investors' money. He was part owner of the TX Rangers and traded Sammy Sosa. Then the great state of TX elected him governor.

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    George W Bush...........................



    O Ya

    Killed 100000 innocent civillians

    Wasted 300 billion dollars

    Spent 400000 hours in Texas lassoing


    what else........

    Oh how could I forget

    Accomplished actor

    Have acted all emotional when disasters have occured in other countries, and it has worked

    Oh sir, how can you not take me as President?

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    A shitstorm, unless you're an ignorant Bush-Christian.

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    It shows a higher GPA from Yale than John Kerry has...

    P.S. Don't hate the player...hate the game.

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    Rich yankee and former alcoholic/druggie who bought a ranch a year before he ran for president, and who is afraid of horses, seeks job as president.

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    Covered in coffee rings

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    well it has a law degree ,president of US, Governor of Texas

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    probably totally blank like his mind

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    Sooooooo...White..with a big black spot in the middle ..guess what is it?'s his photo!

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