what side effects is associated with saw palmetto ?

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    Though men taking saw palmetto may develop mild nausea, reduced libido, or erectile dysfunction, the rate of such problems is clinically and statistically far less common than in men taking drugs to treat BPH symptoms, based on the JAMA meta-analysis cited above. There are no known drug interactions. It should generally be avoided in pregnancy and lactation and in small children due to lack of experience and knowledge in these populations and because of the purely theoretical risk of hormonal interference.

    While saw palmetto is generally considered safe, one of its primary active ingredients, beta-sitosterol, is chemically similar to cholesterol. High levels of sitosterol concentrations in blood have been correlated with increased severity of heart disease in men who have previously suffered from heart attacks [6].

    It has also been used as a herbal treatment for baldness.

  • Recent re-studies have shown little effect, therefore the old view that S.P. reduced libido/size reduction may be false.

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