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one more herding question. do the cows being herdedget sick? if so what illnesses?

also, can they get sick from bad feed? i am clueless, thanks for all your help everyone!!!

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    yes cattle can get sick from bad feed - and from too much feed. It's not as common as with some other species but it happens. Bloat - the inability to relieve excess gas from the stomach - can be deadly.

    Cattle are susceptible to many illnesses. Vaccinations can help with much of it. Management does much too

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    I have cows and know this question very well. Cows being herded get stressed so best to get in there and get the job done quickly. As for bad feed, mold and rotten feed should not be fed to cows.

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    If you're moving cows with baby calves quite a ways, you have to be careful not to push them very hard. The babies are apt to get too hot. And yes, they can get sick from bad feed just like any other animal. Moldy hay is especially hard on horses, but not good on cows either. Cows can also founder (eat too much).

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    the cows being herded can get sick just like any other animal can.a cow can become very sick from bad feed you would too,because it upsets there stomachs like us.

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