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Heather Graham?

Heather Graham is so hot.

how come she can't do more movies. or even better movies. her only real roll was in Austin Powers and Boogie Nights.

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    Because she has an attitude and a lot of people don't like working with her as a result. After she got so popular after Boogie Nights and Austin Powers the success went to her head.

    there's a GREAT interview with James Woods from back before Graham got so famous where he talks about the relationship he had with her. He talks about her ego and how if she ever became a star she would blow up exactly the way she did.

    Sad. She's pretty and talented. What a waste.

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    No, she wasn't in "21 Grams," and he actual wasn't in "Sidewalks in manhattan." (Plus, i do no longer keep in mind any hallucinations in that movie, merely incredibly some chatting with the digital camera.) Is it "2 adult men and a woman"? i comprehend they starred together in that. additionally, "Bowfinger." advance into it a drama or a comedy?

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    I thought she was cute in "Swingers" and "Lost in Space" too

  • maybe she doesn't want to, look up her film roles on yahoo and see how if that says why

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    eww shes not that great looking. I mean to you but i don't find her that atractive. Even thought im not a guy.....i still don't see it.

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    because she cannot act

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