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parenting tips for parents with teens?

hey. im working on a magazine and and theres a section on parenting tips. do you have any tips that i can use.please put your age,and if you are a teen, parent, or non-parent

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    parents should not be overprotecting their kids....its ok to take care of them and everything but sometimes...its just too much! just like my mother...sometimes she does not let me go out with my friends and my cuz who is like 17...and she want to go everywhere i go and read the things i write on my journal and computer and wont even let me ride bike with my freind or play basketball olne outside cuz shes so scared i might get kidnapped and raped or somthing like 13

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    Parents should adjust to their childs age. If you treat a 10yr old the same as a 13 or 15, then you are doing a very bad job, and your kids will notice.

    I am 15

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    watch what the teens are doing on the internet. know if their email addresses and know if they have a myspace. check what they are doing online. girls especially. a lot of girls are stupid and meet older guys on the net and then get raped. its their fault! and make sure the kids don't get on this site and post stupid questions lol.

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    well i'm a teenanger lol i would have to say give them there space and don't always go to them and act like you don't trust them talk to them when you feel somthing is up if they lie u should just ask why and tel them its not good i myself do these things but believe me it gets on our nerves to have our parents act like we are still little we are growing and should be treated like we are almost alduts don't always thinkg we are up to somthing trust us let us come to you if we need you becuz we will i know so i do to my mom so yea...

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    ok im 13

    Parents sholud let you try to fight your own battles not just jump in and fight them for you, well never learn that way.

    We need our space and time, and they need to accept that instead of "lock us up"

    They need to protect us from somethings but not everything, or else we'll never make it in the real world

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    be honest and clear with your children

    Mom age 39

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