Do you know of a Unicorn that lived back in the 70's named Lanceolt "the living legend? if tell me about him.


I met lancelot in 1974 where he was an attraction @ Marine world africa USA,in belmont Ca., where I worked. The park moved to Vallejo, Ca. then he was sold to RB& BB Circus where he was billed as the " living Legend and I lost track of him. Lancelot was real and bred by a man in Marin county. The breeder offered 1 million dollars to anyone who could prove he was a fraud ( by surgery or masnipulation of his horns to grow into a single horn). Nobody could prove Lancelot a fraud. This breeder said that he knew how to raise other unicorns and Lancelot was not a freak , he was bred to be a unicorn.

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    I met Lance, myself, at the Montgomery County Fair back in the 70s. I suspect that he was a) surgically altered as a youngster or b) a birth defect or c) a result of some pretty harsh "manipulation" while a young kid.

    Sure and no one took offers of "a Million Dollars!" from a Carney seriously ... his whole livelihood (one goat and a trailer) could only have netted him a few thousand a year.

    After all, Lance was no mystical being ... he was a poor, deformed and basically unhappy goat. I think he suffered headaches Iat least his eyes didn't focus real well. I suspect he died and the corpse was sold, either to Ripley or some other collector of "oddities."

    Has anyone looked in Michael Jackson's freezer lately?

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    I think your first posters are correct. I don't remember the name of the goat with the sprialled horns, But I do remember it was billed as the living legend. It could very well be the same one.

    The last commercial I remember for Ringling Brothers/Barnum&Bailey Circus featured this "unicorn" that was really a goat who's horns were spiralled together It was on television in NW Florida around the mid 80's and I wanted to go so bad and see the unicorn, but mom wouldn't let me. Something about ruining my godly mind.

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    I remeber something about thee being a goat that was bred to have only 1 horn, I never heard if it was proved to be a fake or if it was really genetically bred that way, but if the "manipulation" of the horns was a technique that could have been done in the middle ages that is also a viable source for the legends. If you look at the unicorn tapestries you will see that they are very goatlike

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    The only thing that came to mind was a bogus "unicorn" that the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus used sometime in the late 70s. Like, '79. Turned out it was actually a goat they'd "fixed". Animal groups were up in arms.

    I Googled to be sure & I did find a website mentioning all that.

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    One Horned Goat

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    The goat is the only one I've heard about too.

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    No. What? No.

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