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    1. have a head start

    lose your head

    keep your head down

    give sb his/her head

    sb has a good head on his/her shoulders

    2. let your hair down

    split hairs

    a hair's breadth

    have a bad hair day

    get in sb's hair

    3. all eyes are on sb/sth

    keep your eyes glued to sth

    lay eyes on sth

    be all eyes

    dollar sighs in sb's eyes

    4. ture a deaf ear

    bend sb's ear

    lend an ear

    have a word in sb's ear

    have sb's ear

    5. give sb a bloody nose

    by a nose

    nose to tail

    turn your nose up

    lead sb by a nose

    6. by all mouth

    keep your mouth shut

    a mouth to feed

    put your money where your mouth is

    be born with a silver spoon in your mouth

    7. a sweet tooth

    a tooth for a tooth

    with a fine-tooth comb

    fight tooth and claw

    be long in the tooth

    8. pull sb's leg

    give sb a leg up

    have a leg up on sb

    break a leg

    show a leg

    9. put your hand in your pocket

    put your hand on your heart

    show your hand

    go hand in hand

    bite the hand that feeds you

    10. foot the bill

    put your foot down

    have a heavy foot

    the boot in on the other foot

    have one foot in the grave

    Source(s): dictionary
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