Why does cheese cause constipation?

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I know it happens but why so?
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I don't know why... but it's certainly true. When I was pregnant I had to eat fried cheese. Mozzerella sticks at every meal! LOL... boy did I regret it. That's been more than 5 years ago, and I still stay away from too much cheese!

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But its so yummy
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  • lk answered 8 years ago
    lactose intolerance. I know because I have it. Body is intolerant to the enzyme Lactose. Use Lactaid right before any dairy product and it helps
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  • hawaii gurl 06 answered 8 years ago
    Are you talking about this happening exclusively with you? Or are you talking about it hapenning widespread and in general? Because I've never heard of this happening...and I've certainly never experienced it. Maybe you need to see a Gastrointestinal Doctor because you may have a gut disease. Of course there is no way of knowing over the internet!
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  • Scottyboy answered 8 years ago
    Cheese does not cause constipation. It is up to the operator of the digestive system (which, incidentally, is the brain, to regulate the functions you describe. Stress, embarassment, and the close proximity to a new (not fart broke yet) significant other can lead to the plugged up sensations which you describe.
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  • BS9999 answered 8 years ago
    lactose intolerant?.. It certianly doesnt make me constipate ever. Maybe your bacteria living in your tummie aren't working right anymore and so cant digest lactose found in cheese. It can develop at any time in a persons life, so one day you could be fine eating cheese, the next day you could be cutting cheese in the toilet from just a nibble.
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