Russia is considered part of Asia so does that make Russians... Asian?

Like the people who live in Sibera look very Asian so I would say they are Asian. But the blonde light skinned white people closer to Europe...are they considered Asian? They live in a country that is considered part of Asia?

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    Russia spans 12 time zones. 1 is in Europe. However, since the 2 major cities are in Europe and because it is a P5, was involved in WWI and WWII and has close political ties to Europe because of many shared borders, not to mention that the USSR had a LARGE european presence. Russia today is the personification of EURASIA. It is one continous mass of land despite the variety of ethnicities that live within the continent. So politically Russia is European. As an ethnic/geographical question individuals will answer differently depending on which of the 12 time zones they happen to be from. In russia you can be blond with blue eyes, brown, purple or yellow and STILL be able to trace your bloodline HUNDREDS of years on Russian soil.

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    Russia is really considered part of Europe... all the important cultural cities are on the European side... not the Asian side. Russia is considered a European country, not an asian one.

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    Part of Russia is in Europe, part in Asia.

    Moscow and St. Petersburg are in Europe, and most of the population. Siberia is in the the Asian part .

    The dividing line is generally considered to be the Ural Mountains and the Caspian Sea.

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    russia is considered a part of the asian continent. that says nothing about how they LOOK lol. Its actually considered both asia and europe.

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    Half of it is European and half of it is Asian.

    I am sure people in Moscow and St. Petersurg consider themselves European and those in Eastern Russia consider themselves Asian. It also depends on their backgrounds..

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    Technically yes, they are Asian.

    I think people tend to use Asian to describe people who are more Oriental looking.

    Also technically, East Indians are Asian, as are all the people from Afghanistan, Pakistan...

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    i am russian and consider myself european.

    i'm of left side (Vladimir).

    russia is split: euro:left of urals

    asian:right of urals

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    Duh!! no race has an exclusive to any continent.

    In Hitler's Mein Kampf he notes that the Aryans are today's Germans, Iranians and Armenians (they all came from the aryan tribes of today's Russia)

  • im to lazy to explain it to you, but these little things dont matter, almost nothing dose...

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