what is the "John Lennon's Jesus statement"?

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    When the Beatles were at the height of their popularity, John Lennon made an off-hand comment that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ. The press grabbed onto it and used it as a reason to turn people against the Beatles and what they saw as a threat to American Society. Lennon later apologized for the statement but said he only meant it in a factual way, which he was quite right about. Later in life he said the world's reaction to that statement helped mold his belief system.

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    John Lennon made a statement back in the '60's that the Beatles were better than Jesus. It was taken out of context, and what he meant was "the Beatles are as famous as Jesus."

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  • I think it was about 1966 and Mr. Lennon made the comment in an interview that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. At the time, he was right. There was quite the uproar from the religious community. Preachers were calling for their flocks to not buy Beatles records and burn the ones that they had. Of course the fans didn't listen and the uproar quickly died down.

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    He made a joke once that The Beatles where more popular than Jesus. The media went crazy with it, they quoted him out of context like he was saying they were greater than jesus or gods or something. He even had to apologize. It was really disgusting.

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    he said that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus which was probably fairly accurate at the time. He wasn't comparing the Beatles to Jesus himself though the press played it that way

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    He once said that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ. The press blew it way out of proportion--in fact, the Beatles were more popular at that time.

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    the beatles are bigger than jesus!

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    Steven D is right. Vote for him.

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