I also found this website www.lisdsp.org related to the program.?

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HELLO FRIEND I am from LIS DEEPASTHAMBHAM PROJECT, INDIA. LIS – Ernakulam based trust’s good return oriented project. LIS – Deepasthambham Project . LIS is having a goodwill of 32 ...show more
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The web site http://lisdsp.org is not one promoting the illegal money circulation scheme LIS DEEPASTHAMBHAM PROJECT. In fact, it exposes the illegal nature of the scheme. This could also be another of the devious ways of PV Chacko, a chartered accountant running short of ideas, to at once malign his opponents and let the world know of the scheme's existence. Why should there be this many messages about a con mail from LIS Deepasthambham Project? Perhaps the promoters themselves are behind all these questions raised at YA so that a kind of excitement is generated around the 'Project'. If there really are e-mails such as the one reproduced here circulating on the Net, it must be taken seriously, for the promoters were issued a cease and desist order by the investigating team that is assigned on the case. They have been stopped from collecting any further deposits, even as they are forced to honour their earlier commitments. The e-mails must an attempt at raising money from abroad, beating the cease and desist order. A judgment in this matter is expected by end-June 2006.
Schemes such as this are called Ponzi schemes.
The e-mail content is not much different from that of a series of such mails that the promoters and their agents have been circulating now for three years. I happen to have one from them, too.
You certainly can approach IC3 or FTC of the United States of America even if you hail from other countries, and despite the fact that the mail originated from India.

Search the Net. There are dozens of links leading you to both the web site of the promoters as well as others that expose the con trick.


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