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alabama usa ?

i was born in Alabama and remain living here.i was wondering what the impression of people that live outta state was when they visitied Alabama? would enjoy to hear your responses.

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    Alabama is one of my favorite places. I moved to Madison (north AL, near Huntsville) in 1998 from out of state and absolutely loved living there (lived there until 2001). The people are so nice and I went to an amazing high school while I was there (Bob Jones). Huntsville was great because of the Space and Rocket Center and the big music festival in the Fall, Big Spring Jam. Birmingham is a really nice area as well, with an awesome music scene. Montgomery isnt much to write home about in my opinion. I actually go to Auburn University now because I really wanted to move back to the state, and I love it! Basically Alabama is completely underrated and I hope more people get to visit and understand that it deserves a much better rep then it has.

    War Eagle!!

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    Alabama still seems like a backwards racist state to the rest of the country.

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    Never been to Alabama.

    I've been to Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas.

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