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Does Windows have a kernel?

Or something analogous to one?

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    First, lets explain what Kernel is...

    Kernel is the core piece of most OS (Operating Syste). Its a software that is responsible for connecting / enabling communication between both hardware and software.

    Some OS's have a Kernel, while others don't.

    In most OS's, the Kernel starts with the start of the boot loader.

    Regarding Windows, and whether it has a Kernel or not, there are several Kernel files in the System32 directory. Here is a small list:





    This is the Microsoft search result for Kernel:

    Kernel Enhancements for Windows XP:

    ###### EDIT ########

    ---Quote---by bryrose.geo---

    Delete Kernel32.dll from your windows/system32 directory and let me know how that works out for you.

    ---End of Quote---

    If you attempt to delete the Kernel32.dll in Windows 98, when Windows starts, it will state that it cannot run due to the following missing files. This is normally in GUI (Graphical User Interface) screen.

    In Windows 2000 / XP / 2003, I haven't tried this specific file, but normally, when the 'ntoskrnl.exe' goes missing or is corrupt, Windows doesn't load and you are in a DOS Mode screen indicatingthat the file is missing and that Windows cannot load.

    You normally had to boot from the Windows CD, choose repair, and place the file in directory again. This is normally a DOS command screen. To restore the file, you had to type in the following command:

    copy d:\ i386\ ntoskrnl.ex_ c:\ windows\ sysytem32\ ntoskrnl.exe

    there should be no spaces after the back-slash[\]...I placed a space to prevent Yahoo! Answers from replacing some text with the dots [...]

    d: is your install source [the CD]

    What this command does is that it opens the i386 directory on the CD and copies the ntoskrnl.ex_ to the Windows System32 directory and renames it from ntoskrnl.ex_ to ntoskrnl.exe

    ### END OF EDIT ###

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    Every windows has kernel . It is named kernel32 , and can be found in windows/system32 . If you damage this file or gets erased by a virus , your system will crash . It happened to me several times . Microsoft has some security updates for the kernel vulneralibility . Here is a link to read about the security gaps . And remember update your anti-virus every week , it`s the only way you can keep your system clean :)

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    yep, looks like a kernel to me

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    in case you will ask questions like this, i'm going to anticipate you're making plans on applying a unix like OS. if so, then you definitely might desire to get used to putting indoors the artwork to get the recommendations on your questions. the total technique has been defined (appropriate, i might upload) on the winehq homepage. All you had to do grow to be google "how does wine emulate residing residing house windows" (no longer asserting it does, yet that grow to be all you had to do).

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    windows dont have a kernel.. but or computer does it is your processor

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    Delete Kernel32.dll from your windows/system32 directory and let me know how that works out for you.

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    It is the "krnl386.exe" file, located in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder.

    And some more smaller files that belongs to it.

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    of course

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    yes it does

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