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Why do we have so many spiders.. We dust and stuff all the time, and kill them. But there are always 1-3 in the same spot after 1-2 days.

*All I can really say about them are that they are brown.*


could the spiders be dangerous?

Update 2:

I live in North Carolina.

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    It's possible that it's dangerous, but not likely, unless you're allergic to their bite. Depending on where you live, there could be dozens or sometimes hundreds of different species in your area, all with different lifestyles and habits. The ones that you find in your house are there because the habitat suits them; they think it's the best place for them to live and catch their prey.

    As for whether it's dangerous, there are only two really poisonous spiders that are commonly found in the US: the brown recluse and the black widow. The black widow spider is pretty distinctive, so you'd know if you had one if you saw it. The brown recluse is about the size of a quarter, brown and a little hairy. It likes to make it's webs in corners and near heating ducts. They also have the unfortunate habit of hiding in people's clothing; about half of all bites are while people are getting dressed. They aren't all that common, but are pretty nasty if you run across one. Generally speaking, however, if you've got a spindly-looking spider in a web, it's mostly likely the common North American house spider, which can give you an unpleasant bite but isn't venomous enough to be really dangerous.

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    Please dont kill spiders there are not dangerous ones given your geography for sure if theyre smal black or brown then harmless to humans or pets. Theres only one harmful spider to this geography and thats a Brown Recluse - these are always bigger quite large and hairy and on the floors.

    small even hairy and small black or brown Spiders on shelves could not possibly pose any threat in north americas east coast since this region has only non harmless species that are that small. If you see they are not a black widow with that red ball on back or huge and questionable since a huge size and may be recluse then they arent doing anything but helping ones house. In the ancient times and up until the 1800's it was widely believed spiders were a blessing to be in someones home and they they are hungry only for insects.These spiders eat insects that could harm your books also even if have no web.

    The reason one has so many be they have a million babies at once one would need to find the nest. The nest's are white and behind wall boards - youd have to rip your house apart to get to a nest and that would not be worth it if only be 1-3 every few days.

    an oils that does repel spiders in the first place - peppermint oil they hate it as does all insects and mice and snakes

    And if you have antique move them to another room entirely all to themselves these musty antiques with built on must stank if wash a bunch still musty attracts them as does warmth .

    Don't keep things so heated like lights on near the shelves and books could insulate and attract them to the heat and warmth.

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    a brown recluse is the most deadly of all...spiders are Territorial and black widows will run off most other spiders when faced with these also deadly spiders i turned to spray paint they would quick dry in there webs and i could safely work around them but if there not widows or recluses then there probably you friends

  • You have a hatched nest nearby... replace and throw away your vaccuum bag, and yes it is possible they could be unsafe... look on the net for pics of spiders to see if one compares and find out if they might be dangerous :) Possibly hire an exterminator

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    Get rid of their food source and you'll get rid of the spiders. You're probably not seeing little crumbs or ants or other bugs that the spiders feed on (they could be tiny tiny bugs).

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    that depends.... on what state you live in... could be the brown recluse spider... and yes they can be.... just keep killing them and perhaps follow it up with a bug spray to discourage them from returning...

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    I think I'd shoot myself if I lived in your house. No offense or anything I'm just terrified of the eight-legged freaks.

    ...You should try getting your house sprayed.

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    if they have a violin shape on there back it could be a brown recluse giving me chills just thinking about it ecch

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    You need lizards and geckos. They kill bugs.

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