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What are the hot fragrances in women's perfumes?? In men's colognes??

Just wondering what are the fragrances that are the most popular right now??

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    I don't know about most popular but I'll tell you what I love.

    For women:

    Chanel Allure

    Armani Mania

    Dior Addict

    Burberry Brit

    Boss Deep Red

    For Men:

    Pi by Givenchy (amazing)

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    Women-FlowerBomb,My Queen,Missoni

    Men-Unforgivable,John Varvatos,Canali

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    I dont know which are the most popular, but for women Escada Sentiment is a gorgeous perfume and men Joop!

    Source(s): My perfume collection
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    I don't know about men that much but Ax is popular.

    Women - Clinque "Happy", Britney Spears "Curious", JLo "Glow" and "Miami Glow"

    Source(s): Seventeen magazine
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    woman- dulche' gabana, organza, sara jessica parker

    men- eternity, addidas, old spice, cool water

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