Was Angela Lansbury, Nancy Sinatra, & Rory Emerald in the original 1962 film, The Manchurian Candidate?

Was Laurence Harvey, James Gregory, Leslie Parrish, John McGiver, Khigh Dhiegh, James Edwards, and Mia Farrow in this movie? Who (exactly) was in this picture and what can you tell me about it? Wasn't there a remake of The Manchurian Candidate just recently?

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    I don't believe Mia Farrow was in the 1962 cast of the John Frankenheimer directed version, which is outlined below:

    Frank Sinatra .... Capt./Maj. Bennett Marco

    Laurence Harvey .... SFC. Raymond Shaw

    Janet Leigh .... Eugenie Rose Chaney

    Angela Lansbury .... Mrs. Iselin

    Henry Silva .... Chunjin

    James Gregory .... Sen. John Yerkes Iselin

    Leslie Parrish .... Jocelyn Jordan

    John McGiver .... Sen. Thomas Jordan

    Khigh Dhiegh .... Dr. Yen Lo

    James Edwards .... Cpl. Allen Melvin

    Douglas Henderson .... Col. Milt

    Albert Paulsen .... Zilkov

    Barry Kelley .... Secretary of Defense

    Lloyd Corrigan .... Holborn Gaines

    Madame Spivy .... Female Berezovo

    rest of cast listed alphabetically:

    Joe Adams .... Psychiatrist (uncredited)

    Frank Basso .... Photographer (uncredited)

    Mary Benoit .... Woman in Lobby (uncredited)

    Whit Bissell .... Medical Officer (uncredited)

    Nicky Blair .... Silvers (uncredited)

    Merritt Bohn .... Jilly (uncredited)

    Nick Bolin .... Berezovo (uncredited)

    Robert Burton .... Convention Chairman (uncredited)

    Evelyn Byrd .... Party Guest (uncredited)

    Harry Carter .... Party Guest (uncredited)

    Lana Crawford .... Party Guest (uncredited)

    Ray Dailey .... Page Boy (uncredited)

    Mimi Dillard .... Mrs. Melvin (uncredited)

    Joan Douglas .... Woman in Lobby (uncredited)

    Estelle Etterre .... Woman in Lobby (uncredited)

    Mickey Finn .... Reporter (uncredited)

    Bess Flowers .... Gomel's Lady Counterpart (uncredited)

    Lee Tung Foo .... Man in Lobby (uncredited)

    John Francis .... Hiken (uncredited)

    Paul Frees .... Narrator (voice) (uncredited)

    Ralph Gambina .... Man in Lobby (uncredited)

    Joe Gray .... Soldier (uncredited)

    Tom Harris .... FBI Agent (uncredited)

    Maggie Hathaway .... Woman in Lobby (uncredited)

    Maye Henderson .... Chairlady (uncredited)

    Sam 'Kid' Hogan .... Man in Lobby (uncredited)

    Harry Holcombe .... General (uncredited)

    John Indrisano .... Reporter (uncredited)

    Miyoshi Jingu .... Miss Gertrude (uncredited)

    Rita Kenaston .... Woman in Lobby (uncredited)

    Colin Kenny .... Senator (uncredited)

    Helen Kleeb .... Mrs. Henry Whitaker, Chairlady (uncredited)

    Lou Krugg .... Manager (uncredited)

    John Lawrence .... Grossfeld (uncredited)

    Richard LePore .... Pvt. Edmund 'Ed' Mavole (uncredited)

    Tom Lowell .... Pvt. Bobby Lembeck (uncredited)

    Michael Masters .... FBI Agent (uncredited)

    Harold Miller .... Reporter (uncredited)

    Marquita Moll .... Soprano (uncredited)

    Reggie Nalder .... Gomel (uncredited)

    Frances E. Nealy .... Woman in Lobby (uncredited)

    Karen Norris .... Secretary (uncredited)

    Richard Norris .... Reporter (uncredited)

    Julie Payne .... Party Guest (uncredited)

    Robert Riordan .... Presidential Nominee Benjamin K. Arthur (uncredited)

    Anna Shin .... Korean Girl (uncredited)

    Ray Spiker .... Policeman (uncredited)

    Irving Steinberg .... Freeman (uncredited)

    Bert Stevens .... Officer (uncredited)

    Hal Taggart .... Senator (uncredited)

    William Thourlby .... Little (uncredited)

    Raynum K. Tsukamoto .... Man in Lobby (uncredited)

    Jeanne Vaughn .... Nurse (uncredited)

    Anton von Stralen .... Officer (uncredited)

    James Yagi .... Chinese officer (uncredited)


    Yes. The 2004 version was directed by

    Jonathan Demme, and starred Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Jeffrey Wright, Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight, and Kimberly Elise.

    Source(s): http://imdb.com/
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    Angela Lansbury and Lawrence Harvey I know are in the movie along with Frank Sinatra. The moive is about a group of soldiers who are brainwashed in believing something happened that didn't while involved in a war. Lawrence Harvey is brainwashed in killing some people, while Frank Sinatra was figuring out what the hell happened and was going on. The end I will not give away in case you want to see it. And yes, there was a remake. It stars Denzel Washington. You can watch the two and immediatly notice some differences. Both are good though.

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    Yes there was a recent remake and I don't know if all those people were in hte orginal but I know some were. The orginal was basically kept out of the theaters because of the whole communist/McCarthy thing. So no one really remembers it. Although you could proably buy a copy of it if you really wanted to.

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    do a search for The Manchurian Candidate.... yes there was a remake

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