what is the worst commercial plane crash ever?

i would like to know which crash killed the most people. Please exclude 9/11. And if you have the details of what happened i would appreciate it.

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    The worst accident was in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. What I saw on TV was that there was a bomb that went off at the main airport so all traffic was diverted to the smaller airport. There were 2 747s, one flown by KLM and 1 flown by Pan Am. The pilot for the KLM flight was maxing out on his flight hours so he was in a hurry to get going. The KLM flight left first with the Pan Am flight trailing. The thing with the airport runway is that the taxiway is also the runway. So once you taxi to the end of the runway, you turn around and then take-off. The KLM flight taxied to the end of the runway and was about to take-off because the captain started the engines and was about to start the take-off roll. However the Pan Am flight was still on the taxiway. What happened was the KLM first officer stopped the pilot saying that the control tower did not give them permission to take off. (No one evers questions the pilot so for the first officer to do that was really brave of him). The captain of the KLM flight waited awhile and then started the engines and left. However they did not have permission to take off yet and this time the first officer did not stop him. Unfortunately it was a foggy day so it was not as if the KLM pilot could see the Pan Am airplane in its path. So the Pan Am flight is still on the runway while the KLM flight is coming almost full speed. The Pan Am pilots see a blinking red light and know that it is the KLM flight coming towards them. They try to pivot the plane to turn off the runway but it is too late. Once the KLM pilot sees the Pan Am flight, he tries to pull the yoke up to lift the plane but it is too late. The KLM flight slams into the Pan Am flight and 583 people die. The interesting thing was that during the crash investigation, before KLM know who captained the flight, they wanted to use the same pilot who caused the accident to be part of the investigation. He had a lot of experience and was well-regarded in the company.

    As for the Japan Airlines flight, that was the single worst disaster involving an airline. As mentioned by others, that particular aircraft had a hard landing on a previous flight and the bottom of the aircraft scraped the runway upon arrival. The maintenance crew repaired the bottom of the aircraft. However instead of using a double row of rivets to repair the airplane, they only used a single row of rivets. Over time with the pressure of flights, the 2 pieces of metal riveted together separated. That caused the bulkhead of the tail to come off during flight. When the bulkhead separated, I think the pilots lost control of hydraulics and therefore lost control of the plane and it crashed. Since this was a domestic flight, that 747 was able to seat as many people as it did. After research was done and the determination that 2 rows of rivets should have been used instead of 1 row, some of those in charge of maintaining that aircraft did kill themselves because of shame. It was really sad.

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    As others have stated, Tenerife was the worst, involving two loaded 747s.

    The 2nd worst, and the largest single plane disaster was a Japan Airlines 747 that crashed on August 12, 1985, killing 520.

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    I recommend reading about the actual architecture of a plane and all of the things that can possibly go wrong with it. For example, I learned today that it is not possible for a wing to "fall off", because the wing"s" are actually one structure that connects across the plane. I've traveled to and from Poland (from central Canada) twice now, and then to Poland once again. Every trip requires at least one flight which is 8-10 hours long, and goes across the ocean. Your typical turbulence is not actually a threat to the aircraft. Even if the plane suddenly falls for a few seconds, which occurred on my flight, the wings can handle extreme flex. Turbulence will not flip a commercial jet. I'm trying right now to kill my fear of flying, as my three flights to Poland this time around resulted in extreme and unwarranted terror. My 1.5 hour flight from Amsterdam to Warsaw was by far the worst. I also am the kind of person that is INCAPABLE of sleeping on a flight of any kind. On my longest flight, 8 hours, I did not get up once, to go to the bathroom or otherwise. I didn't finish a single movie. I didn't sleep. I watched people sleep, and tried to take pictures of Greenland and the UK as we passed over them, in addition to "monitoring" the wing for any pieces suddenly falling off, or cracking (which is insane). I think the best thing you can do for yourself is to just educate yourself about what is actually likely to go wrong, so you can at least stay calm until a certain threshold of danger has been passed.

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  • The Tenerife disaster: on March 27, 1977, two Boeing 747 airliners, from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and PanAm collided on the runway of Los Rodeos Airport, Tenerife, Islas Canarias, killing 583 people. It is the worst accidental disaster in the history of aviation.

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    A Pan-Am 747 collided with a KLM 747 on the runway of Los Rodeos airport on the Canary Islands in 1977. 583 people were killed.

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    whaaaaa is corect if death toll = worst

    the one rick is talking about 3 people survied they were sitting on the last row the (the safest seat on any plane) but the harible thing about this crash is that the 4 mechanics that were responsible for the repair that failed the 3 japanese mechanics killed them selves because they new it was going to fail but were scared to say anything to the 4th who was from boeing. the rear pressure bulkhead had only a single row of rivits instead of 2 or 3 human factors at it worse

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    I don't know about people killing themselves over it but, that APB repair was done by Boeing at their repair center in WA state.

    The reason they lost control was that when the APB opened up, it basically pressurized a non-pressurized area, at least for a moment, which was long enogh to blow part of the horizontal stab off, which took with it the hydraulic lines from each system.

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    there was a crash ...... mighta been in the Philippines

    where 2 boeing 747's crashed 500 people died

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