how much do TVs depreciate?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    50% the first year, and 50% every year after that.


    1000 Original Price - after one year 500 - the next year 250 - next year 125 - the next year 75 - the next year ...Give it away

  • clutts
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    4 years ago

    How Much Do Tvs Depreciate

  • CJ
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    1 decade ago

    10% per year, first 2 or 3 yrs and after that 75%

    I believe that I got that from when we w/moving--however; it might be different for different reasons. For example, depreciate for a business? If you are being moved you can add a rider on your insurance and cover for replacement value (like you do on your household furnshings in case of robbery or disaster - versus having the insurance company replace value at date of loss (which you don't want)

    If you are asking because you are looking to sell or buy a second hand TV - then you need to compare apples to apples (cable ready, HDTV, stereo, flat screen, etc etc). Depreciation is less the more expensive the TV is (don't quote me but I believe if TV is more than $3,000 your depreciation is less)

    Also, if the TV is a plasma depreciation works a bit different, I have been told, becuase the plasma screen has an 'hours of life' versus regular TV

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    1st, you start with what it is selling for now, not what you paid. If its no longer available, then you start with the lowest price offered before it was discontinued. Then the warranty comes in to play. TV with with a full 1yr warranty would loose 30 to 40 percent value from 1 day to six months old. 6months to 1 yr will loose 40 to 50 percent. A 12 to 20 month old TV with no warranty in pristine condition at best would be worth no more than 40 percent.Any TV pushing 2 yrs old and older will depend on how bad someone wants to how bad they want to sell it.


    Source(s): exstensive research on sites such as ebay and craigslist. and info from sites cnet
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  • kja63
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    1 decade ago

    They are electrical -- shelf life is around 18 months. By then, there is new technology out there and the old model is cheaper new than it is used.

  • 1 decade ago

    faster than a speeding bullet.....well..ok say 50% a that at 2 years its worth 25% etc etc

  • 1 decade ago

    they have basically no re-sale value, so I guess the answer would be "a lot"

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