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Advice on entering the game of politics?

I am a 20 year old male with big goals, that even though their out of reach and I have no money I sill have the wish to try. I wish to go in to politics and join the Republican Party, I have started by taking some college classes this summer and I will be starting political science in the fall at Columbia Gorge Community College. The classes I am starting with are a reading, class to enhance my vocabulary, a math class to be able to transfer to OSU later on, a art class to relax, and finally a writing class to help my spelling and grammar, sense with out those any attempt to get in to a office is futile.

Would any of you be able to give me some advice and ideas on how to go about this? Are there any groups that can help me? Any thing and every thing will help me out.

Thank you

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    Most colleges have a young Republicans group. You can start by joining that. Go to city council meetings. Volunteer at a local candidate's headquarters. Above all learn to listen. When I ran for office I learned most people just want someone to listen and take them seriously, everyone thinks their own problem is the most important one.

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    1. Volunteer to work on a campaign - not a presidential campaign, but a smaller district, such as your rep. to the U.S. House of Representatives or perhaps State Senate. (Smaller offices than that are not very interesting campaigns). Or the candidate of your choice who is running against him.

    2. Be sure to take some decent economics classes somewhere during your education. There's nothing worse than a politician who doesn't understand economics.

    3. Definitely work on the spelling. It is critically important if you want to express your thoughts in writing (and you can use some help). Also, be sure to get some experience in public speaking, and logical argumentation. If your English composition class doesn't touch on these things, go seeking them out yourself.

    4. Connect with the Leadership Institute. They can provide a lot of good insights for you.

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    Try getting an internship with a local politician, that'll help you gain some experience.

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    Learn Latin @ do internship with someone in Politics

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    get married to a Bush

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    learn to lie cheat and steal but do it with a smile on your face.

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