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Advice on entering the game of politics?

I am a 20 year old male with big goals, that even though their out of reach and I have no money I sill have the wish to try. I wish to go in to politics and join the Republican Party, I have started by taking some college classes this summer and I will be starting political science in the fall at Columbia Gorge Community College. The classes I am starting with are a reading, class to enhance my vocabulary, a math class to be able to transfer to OSU later on, a art class to relax, and finally a writing class to help my spelling and grammar, sense with out those any attempt to get in to a office is futile.

Would any of you be able to give me some advice and ideas on how to go about this? Are there any groups that can help me? Any thing and every thing will help me out.

Thank you

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    You are just the guy I want to talk to.

    You don't need to start with any money. You need to start with big dreams and a goal. Run for office.

    Despite the rumors to the contrary, you don't need money to run for local school boards, city councils, county commissions or any of the state and local commissions.

    Run just one dry run. 80% of all first time candidates lose. So you don't need a lot of money. Talk a few friends into helping you. Run for city council, county commission, the school board or any one of a number of local positions. Get your friends to help you canvass. Canvass every house in the district for which you are running.

    Get your friends to help you distribute flyers, go door to door, hand out lawn signs and knock on more doors.

    The more and more people see your name and see your face, the more likely they are to vote for you.

    That's how I did it.

    That is how I still do it.

    It works.

    You need to e-mail me. I can help you because I just realized, you are a neighbor of mine.

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    First, stop considering it a game. Second, just do it. Start pulling together a platform, supporters, a campaign team. Ask family and friends and people who won't expect to get paid. Perhaps start a little smaller and help on an established campaign so you can get a feel for how things work. Just go for it. And don't quit just because you lose. You're gonna lose. Accept that now. Just regroup, reform, and retry.

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