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Anyone hear of Sin City, Connecticut?

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    SIn City is another name for Las Vegas. There is no Sin City in CT. Though there could be a club or bar with that name.

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    All I could come up with was this E-Mail nickname out of Connecticut. He's into bass. (musical, not edible)






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    John Entwhistle, John Paul Jones, Geddy Lee

    Then there is 'Sin City' in comic book format supposedly in Basin City in the American Northwest. Author: Frank Miller.

    Then (you guessed it) there is the nickname for Las Vegas.

    The movie Sin City (based on the series by Frank Miller)

    Good Luck Hunting

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    I heard of Sin City the movie.

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    Not a city according to the US Postal Service.

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    no never heard of that one

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    ... unless it's slang for some town there.

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    u mean los vegus...ediot, i just cant spell it =)

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    I have. GREAT place.

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