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If you were put outside of a spaceship, would you remain in the same spot or drift off in a certain direction?

And if you drift off in one direction or another, why?

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    that would depend on the velocity of the craft, the velocity the at you were pushed out with respect to the velocity of the craft, and what near by celestial or terrestrial bodies were near, to influence your movement with their gravitational pull... if you wre set outside a ship, with zero velocity, and left, out in deep space... you would remain essentially motionless... if the same were done to you near the earth, you wold fall to the earth.. if you were pushed out the side door of the space shuttle while it orbited... you would most likely orbit several time before your orbit decayed and you would have a incredibly painful reentry... as short as the pain might be...

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    If you were put above of below the spaceship (relative to the planet it was orbiting) then you would gradually drift away because your orbit would be slightly different from the spacecraft's orbit. This would be a small effect, measured in meters per hour, but it would be enough to make you really wish you had used a tether.

    If you were placed so that your center of mass was on precisely the same orbit as the spaceship's center of mass, then you would be drawn towards the ship by gravity. That would start as a very slow movement, perhaps a few centimeters in the first hour, because the gravity from the mass of a spaceship is very small.

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    You would drift off in a certain direction. Even in outer space you are affected by gravity. Everything has a gravitational field, including you. As the spaceship went away your gravitational field and the spaceships gravitational field would attract for a while and you would end up heading in the general path of the ship. As you went along you would eventually be attracted by another gravitational field. It could be from a star or a planet or a black hole.

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    The shuttle astronauts do space "walks" outside their space ship all the time. Of course they are not walking, just drifting. They have small thrusters to push themselves around, and one little push in any direction could send them drifting away, but they always use the thrusters to come back before they get more that a few feet away.

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    If someone pushed you out of a space ship then you would keep floating in that direction, but if you just appeared outside, then no. Or they could place you outside not pushing you and you would move at the same velocity as the ship, or if they were really good, maybe even counter that velocity with a push just right enough to make you still.

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    You would remain in the same spot unless:

    a) You were given a push of some sort or

    b) You are near a non-negligable gravity source.

    This is Newton's 1st law at work.

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    You would remain stationary unless an external force is applied. See Newton's Laws for clarity.

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    it would depend on wether or not you were moving as you were being placed there. If the ship were moving you would continue in that direction until another force made you go in another direction.

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    you would drift

    I don't know why but that's what people in movies always do

    Maybe the lack of gravity or something

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