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I need cute baby names and cute middle names.?

Just want a cute baby name and if you know one, a cute middle name to go with it.


I'm a girl, but It's not my baby, it's going to be my mom's. I'm just giving her ideas. We like the names Maddison, Kodi, Jordan, Kira, and Presley for a girl and we like Braydon and Aiden for a boy.

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    What do you mean by "cute"? (Pretty, for a girl? i.e. Violet?) Or do you want cutesy and trendy? You have to keep in mind that your child isn't going to be a baby forever, and when she's trying to obtain her JD, take the bar and she starts practicing law, a "cute" name isn't going to get her very far and she probably won't be taken seriously. How about a classic, beautiful name? Elizabeth, Emily, or Jane for a girl. You could call her Liz or Lizzie, Emmy or Janie until she grows up and decides she wants to lose the cute nickname. If you give her a cute permanent name, the only way she can lose it is to change it legally. For a boy, Matthew, Sean, or James...can be nicked Matt or Jamie. I know these names might seem "blah" and common now, but by the time your child is an adult, they'll probably be rare...

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    Cute Middle Names

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    Baby names for a girl:

    Shady Lynn

    Cadence Danielle

    Jadie Lee

    Kassidy Evan Rae

    Addison Rayleigh

    Kayleigh Shae

    Gabriella Kyran

    Baylee Reece

    Kennedy Alexis

    Kennedy Jordan

    Loralei Baylee

    AmberLynn Lee

    Presleigh Isabella (Presley, Preslee)

    Baby Boy Names:

    Julian Hunter

    Dylan Chase

    Dalton Wayne

    Leeland Kennedy

    Kennedy James

    Jamison Micheal

    Torrence Jaymes

    Collyer James

    Landon Michael

    Tristen Gage

    Dominic Malachi

    Good luck and congrats

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    Chloe Elijah

    Bliss Aidan

    Ava Max

    Lily Jackson

    Zoey Jonah

    Piper Peyton

    Gabby Jack

    (girls) (boys)

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    Pricilla Beatrice

    Sebastion Felix

    Isaac Cristian

    Giovanny Martin

    Serina Lauren

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    This Site Might Help You.


    I need cute baby names and cute middle names.?

    Just want a cute baby name and if you know one, a cute middle name to go with it.

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    Savannah Grace

    Malia Karlyn

    Moriah Lily

    Cassandra Marie (Cassie)

    Bethany Joy

    Carly Anne

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    Canaan price

    Kanyon Jayce boys names

    Holden Shane

    Hunter Chance

    Leila Rose

    Madison Jade girls names

    Danica Lane

    Kemra Kaye

    Kareena Lynn

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    Girl - Hayley Marie, Ashley Louise, Kendall Anne

    Boy - Ethan Robert, Evan James

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    Keaton Luke Keaton James Keaton Andrew Keaton Joshua Keaton Dylan Keaton Levi Keaton Nash Keaton Jasper Keaton Max Keaton Austin

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