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Business licensing?

Does anyone know what sort of licenses and legal stuff I would need for a mostly Internet-based business in Illinois?

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    You need to file for an Illinois Tax Registration. You can find the form at the home page of the Illinois Department of Revenue, which is located at the following link If you have any problems finding it there, then you can find it at

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    Go to the Illinois state web site (probably and they'll have links to the chamber of commerce and all the business licensing offices. Also, a book store would have a book on starting businesses and the necessary forms you need to file.

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    You still need to get an EIN number from the IRS for tax purposes. You also need to get a city license to do business. you may also need to register with the State Board of Equilization. These are the 3 that pop out off the top of my head. I also recommend getting incorporated...

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    pat 50 dollars at your city office and be done with it. any woerdo can get one. I do.lololol

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