If you could form a third party, what issues would you stand for?

Many people, liberal and conservative alike, are sick of the Republicans and the Democrats. There are a few alternative parties, but they are even less popular. If you could form your own political party, what issues would be important to you, and where would you stand on those issues? Finally, why should America vote for your party?

Rules: No insults or profanity. Don't talk about Bush or Clinton, talk about why YOU have good ideas. No one-liners... if you don't want to take the time to answer this question, then don't answer!


So far, here are my reactions to your answers:

Rye- your response was very vague.

Turbo- you are a Libertarian in every sense.

Jeff- you are King Ludwig II, the mad ruler of Germany that prompted Nazism

John j- another Libertarian

Rae- an outright communist, which is a form of fascism.

Miller- He is an honest version of George W Bush

Lauren- Has her heart in the right place, but to do those things she would have to be given dictatorial powers. She would effectively support a Castro Republic.

SDO- prefers to burn the constitution and start over. I am sure he means well, but what would replace it? He doesn't say.

Xman- you're a social libertarian and a fiscal conservative, and a Centrist in terms of overall government control.

Planetwaves- supports subsidizing with your tax dollars every federal program that deals with the environment. I am sure the heart is in the right place, but I don't want to be shot for littering, nor do I want to bankrupt our nation.

Update 2:

If I am off the mark, and you disagree with my reaction, feel free to use (EDIT) to counter my statements. I am a fair minded person. Convince me I am wrong.

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    I would form apolitical party whose intentions would be to bring a Constitutional Convention to the US

    This would give the people the chance to correct the problems faced in our country and reinstate our freedoms.

    A re-writing of the Constitution is the best way that the American people have of ending the corruption(we could do away with lobbyist and special interest groups), and returning balance to the political system. The idea that one man in any country has as much power as the President is absurd

    "Power corrupts"

    In my opinion we should have at least three figure heads acting as joint leaders, not only to check the power of the others but also because there are so many different ideas and perspectives in our country that there is no way that one man can encompass the whole spectrum, the American leadership should represent all of America not just the winning side.

    I also believe that we should place stricter regulations on the formation of laws, and that laws should be made out of absolute nessecity, not on a whim or because someone with money wants one, i also think that there should be no "pork" in any bill proposed for legislature (pork is when a bill is presented...lets say for education reform...but someone adds another section into the bill requesting...lets say amnesty for criminals...), one bill one subject.

    But most importantly i believe we should hold a Constitutional Convention because it would give every person the opportunity to weigh in on the issues and we as Americans could again make some great achievements.......aside from destroying countries, and blowing **** up.........


    Peace to all...now more than ever...

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    1. Return to the limited government as enumerated in the Constitution. They have usurped the states' and the peoples' powers and need to be restrained. This would include the elimination of laws and agencies and departments which have no Constitutional authorization.

    2. Eliminate the current tax system and replace it with the Fair Tax. And repeal the 16th amendment (income tax).

    3. Secure our own borders. And, if we need more people to fill the job openings (due to the over 30 million US abortions in the past 30+ years?) then we need to increase legal immigration numbers, and also institute a limited guest worker program to fill in until we have enough legal immigrants. Also eliminate the tradition that anyone born here is automatically a citizen.

    4. Repeal the 17th amendment (direct election of Senators). This has undermined this Republic to a great extent. We already have the House which represents the people. The Senate was supposed to be, and should be, the voice of the states in Washington, selected by each state as they so choose.

    5. End welfare, mediscam, social security etc. There is no Constitutional authority for such spending. Period.

    6. Make marijuana legal. The current state of affairs is an affront to the liberties and freedoms promised in the Constitution. People should be free to make bad decisions, too.

    7. Dump the UN. Start a new organization of free and peaceful states.

    8. Get out of NATO. There is no longer a Soviet menace, and no reason to keep propping up the EU by subsidizing their military costs.

    9. Get the federal government out of the abortion business, the euthenasia business, etc. Those are matters for the states.

    10. No pork-barrel spending ever again. Censure and charges and impeachment of any Congressman trying to do this.

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    I would form a good dictatorship and dissolve congress. Can a socially responsible libertarian party that doesn't consist of quacks exist? Hmmm... how would that work? A libertarian dictatorship... What I am saying is something along the lines of you do what you want for the most part, use drugs, shoot guns and do business but the second you encroach on someone Else's liberty you are taxed and treated as a social outcast until you learn to think responsibly. I would spend just as much on investigating wellfare fraud as I did on wellfare and if you took government money and were unproductive for over three years, you would be shipped into government labor camps where you would have no choice but to add value to the world. I am feeling a bit extreme today so if I went into office today I would probably fire off a Chirac style nuclear test somewhere near N. Korea... probably a good thing I stay out of politics.

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    This is a terrific question. I'm not sure I can answer it to entirety in this forum, but I will offer a very rough and basic overview. First and foremost I would change the (basically) two party system. The system has failed us and at this juncture is pointless. I can say that I would work on the mindset of society. Society must change in order for our world to become what it should be. After we break down capitalism, (imperialism, materialism) as we know it, I would definitely be geared toward social accountability as well as less government involvement with more control from the people as our nation was supposed to be. I would also ensure the separation of church and state, as this is one major reason our country today is so divided. Electoral college, gone. There is no true representation of the people within the electoral college. I would take the advances of technology and instead of using technology toward our purely selfish and expensive entertainment "needs" I would place them back into the hands of science and labor, and so on and so forth, where they can be used to help not for the sole purpose to make money for someone else's bottom line. I would break the marriage of government and big business as to hopefully avoid a fascist state. Basically the entire system needs revolutionized not reformed. It is too late to reform and most of society is too blind to the fact that capitalism is not attaining the proper growth or goal for our betterment but actually the opposite.

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    Actually, I found a third party that really falls in line with my beliefs so there was no need to "create" it. It just needs to be promoted, so here goes...

    Libertarians believe that the most important issues are individual liberty and responsibility, an end to big government and a return to minimalistic government involvement, free market economy in which all people are encouraged to participate, freedom of choice, freedom from government education monopolies, the blocking of a government healthcare monopoly, and respecting individual property rights.

    Libertarians are classical liberals, the Thomas Jefferson kind. We'd like our word back too. Liberal that is.

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    I would take much of the libertarian party’s platform and mix it with some of the GOPs.

    Drastically cut the size of government by eliminating executive departments.

    Phase out Social Security, Medicare, welfare, and unemployment (Social Security would just be phased out and no one under the age XX will ever see benefits, Medicare would be replaced by a requirement for people to have health insurance and it can not be attached to your job. Soon health insurance will be just like car insurance and people will change plans to save money. Those who are truly destitute will fall on government but this will be limited, welfare and unemployment will be replaced with private charity)

    Tax reforms (eliminate the income tax and move to a sales tax)

    Earmark reform (the pork spending attached to real bills would need to be passed like a normal bill)

    Balanced Budget amendment to the constitution!

    School Vouchers (we would no longer have public schools, parents could send their children to any school they wanted and the government would pay that school the going rate for educating that child biased on cost of living)

    The border will be fortified to eliminate illegal crossing. A larger number of work visas will be granted and they would also be allowed for unskilled workers.

    Property rights would be maintained to the highest degree possible.

    Social issues would widely be ignored because if what you are doing does not take from anyone’s liberty than it's up to you.

    The Goal of this party would be to protect the citizens, and that is about it.

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    My Third Party would deal with the emancipation of women and refugees.

    My party would..... Save the sex slaves in the world.

    Put away sex offenders indefinitely.

    Give refugees agricultural trade where they get the pay they deserve.

    Save factory workers who get paid 3 cents an hour.

    Stop outsourcing from evident corporate greed that pays foreign workers less than minimum wage.

    Stop the need of gas and oil in exchange for solar energy and sufficient fuel from crops.

    We will encourage communities to get together and start planting seeds for vegetables and fruits.

    We favor abortion and same sex marriage because we believe that in adult situations, adults are allowed to make their own decisions. No one else will bleed but those who were involved with whatever took place phisically and emotionally.

    There are many Gods and religions. We will respect you but don't push your beliefs on us, keep it to yourself.

    If you take drugs that require you to kill, con and injure others financially and emotionally we will put you away indefinitley with the sex offenders until you write a 1000 page novel about how you will never do it again. Feel free to take drugs but if you hurt anyone be prepared for the consequences.

    We don't tolerate harassment on any lines. We aren't fueled with hate.

    We don't beleive in pleasing those who donate the most money to us.

    We stand for health, education, communicaton and safe, helpful trade.

    Women can feel good and safe about themselves. Men no longer have to feel the pressures of money and dumb luck power.

    I have no name for this party.

    If your not apart of the solution you can go to jail and write your 1000 page novel about how you won't hate and bash the spirits of others...with the crazy sex offenders of course.

    If the novel didn't do it you will live there and you can write to your loved ones, you get 1 stamp a month on us if you are active.

    America will vote for my party because my party has nothing to do with doublespeak bulls**t. The results are either there or nothing is being done about it.

    We will wear regular clothes and when we spend the money for our party it is put where it is needed transporting American volunteers to help others somewhere else.

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    If I could stand a third party the issue I would stand for is religion because every one feel as if they have to believe the same thing someone else does and if that's not the case some one else always slips and uses a creator of they're belief instead of making what ever fit for every one. America should vote for my pary because making every one happy is my aim nothing more being there for the people all the time would really please me.

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    The Planetwaves Party would develop a task force to bring green sustainable solutions to the community .Provide a complimentary economics to offset the federal system this would be the [Time dollar] .And for the youth we would bring eco trade shows / concerts to attract the public schools ,colleges,and universities.student to provide an education ,training, research and development, and ultimately jobs in green business.across the country. Thank You

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    i imagine Ron Paul is operating as a Republican for a reason. some individuals keep in mind the first Clinton election and Ross Perot's third social gathering run. it will be exciting to observe Paul, even if. He has reported he does no longer run third social gathering, and my guess is he might want to really lose than help get Hillary elected.

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