Diagnosed with emphysema, do you know of a natural healing method to HEAL the lungs?

I have been diagnosed with COPD Emphysema. The inhalers are steroids. I believe in natural healing and know it is possible to even heal cancer in that manner, versus the medical community. Has anyone ever been healed or know of a site that will give me the healing methods to overcome emphysema? Any help will be appreciated!!!

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    emphysema is irreversible -- meaning it canNOT be cured. once you have it, you have it for life. the only thing you can do is to take good care of yourself so that it does not worsen. (like following therapeutic measures religiously and stop smoking)

    i don't believe in natural healing -- if it really existed, this would have been a medical breakthrough -- why spend all the money doing research and creating medicines, if we could get these natural things for a cheaper price?

    there are 2 kinds of emphysema -- 1 is congenital (from birth) resulting from the absence of alpha-1-anti-trypsin, which helps the lungs expand, and come back to its original shape.

    the 2nd one is smoking -- this destroys that elasticity, and does not help the lungs go back to its original size, so you would see people with emphysema -- they have big chests, and they'd complain that they "can't catch their breath". people with COPD -- their lungs are very very sick -- as health care providers, we watch out for these people if we were to put them on oxygen. normally, the oxygen in our body ranges from 80 to 100 mmhg (millimeters of mercury) for a COPD patient -- we lower the criteria to 60. if they inhale all those oxygen in and convert to carbon dioxide, because of their disease, this prevents them from fully exhaling all those carbon dioxide out -- which results to acidosis. then we would have to put them in a ventilator, and sedate them because it's uncomfortable (ouch!) take their blood every hour to see any improvement. they're very tough to treat, to tell you the truth. quitting smoking is one of the best cure there is. not only do they help themselves, they make our jobs easier too.

    this is just one of the many effects of smoking. i get a lot of negative responses when i talk trash about smoking -- they'd tell me, "i don't care if i get sick in the future, you can't dictate me what to do! my body is my body" -- well, they're young. they still have around 15-20 years to regret and swallow what they just said.

    i hope the kind of emphysema you have is congenital. if you got it from smoking, you'd probably see me roll my eyes and say "oh boy."

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      Please go back to school. Alpha-1 if far worse than tobacco related COPD, particularly if the alpha is a smoker. Quitting smoking retards the decline in lung function. Alpha-1 patients often do not have such an option and continue to progress even with augmentation therapy.

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    There are so many things one can do to improve with COPD! Alternative medicine for COPD is a good place to start. It can be reversed, I read about a man who had to have oxygen and he got off it completely using nutrition and other methods. My aunt has lived with it for 20 years, but is getting worse because she won t find out how to get better. Green Tea is so beneficial for those with lung problems and asthma. I used to have asthma, and I no longer have any problem with it, none at all. I started taking at least 2,000 mg. of vitamin C every day, and sometimes more. I take garlic and eat onions both of which are excellent for the lungs and healing.

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    What do you mean by "natural healing" Most conditions (viral infections, minor injuries) will resolve with time. The body has a powerful immune system and ability to repair itself if you let it. Many chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis tend to wax and wane over time. If by "natural" you are refering to "herbal", there definitely are active chemicals in herbs etc that may have some minor healing properties. Many of them can also be toxic. Many pharmaceuticals were derived from plant based compounds (Aspirin from willow bark,) All other Alt Med practices have their effects through the Placebo effect. This has been proven time and time again when proper scientific controls are used to investigate them Intercessory prayer has also been put to scientific testing and failed under carefully controlled conditions. Most recently when post-op cardiac patients were studied. There was no difference in recovery or complications between those who had been prayed for or not. The one interesting thing was that those people who had been TOLD they were being prayed for did a little bit worse.

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    Do your own research, but Pranic Healing Protocol for Emphysema has good results. I can do Distant Pranic Healing: ngf@elsitio.net.uy.

    Or consult Pranic Healer in your area: www.pranichealing.com

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    Sorry to tease you with this but I really cant remember the details - I read recently in a natural health magazine about a man who partially reversed his emphysema, problem is I don't remember how! Also consider the power of the mind - many people have succeeded in thinking themselves well.

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    Cancer can not be "healed" by itself. "Natural" medicine is relative. What on earth isn't natural? The "good" drugs are simply natural ingredients refined.

    If you want to live longer, and have a better chance of healing. Stick with the steroids.

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    There is no getting over emphysema. You will continue to get worse faster without using the medicines given by your physician.

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    look up feverfew on a search engine. i bought some today because i heard it cures migranes. i was reading into it and is also good for lungs. you have to be careful if taking with over the counter meds...will cause internal bleeding.

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    take a deep breath

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