Songs by Solange Knowles??????

She only made two.

She is the second daughter of Matthew and Tina Knowles.

She is Beyonce's younger sister. Don't make fun of Solange, or you will see another side of Beyonce, the Fight Girl side!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Track Listing:

    Solo Star

    Debut Album from Solange Knowles

    Release Date: January 21, 2003


    01 Feelin' You (Part II) featuring N.O.R.E.

    02 Ain't No Way

    03 Dance With You featuring B2K

    04 Get Together

    05 Crush

    06 True Love

    07 So Be It

    08 Feel Good Song

    09 Wonderland

    10 Feelin' You (Part I)

    11 Just Like You

    12 Thinkin' About You feat. Murphy Lee of the St. Lunatics

    13 Solo Star

    14 I Used To

    15 Sky Away

    16 Naove (duet with Beyonce Knowles) featuring Da Brat

    17 This Song's For You

    18 This Could Be Love

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    Her biggest hit was Feelin You (if you want to call it a hit) and her second big song was True Love a duet she did with Lil Romeo.

    Some other songs by her that were ok are: Thinkin about you and Dance With You

    Here is a track listinf for her solo debut alub: Solo Star

    1. Feelin' You (Part II)

    2. Ain't No Way

    3. Dance With You

    4. Get Together

    5. Crush

    6. So Be It

    7. True Love - Duet With ...

    8. Feel Good Song

    9. Wonderland

    10. This Could Be Love

    11. Feelin' You (Part 1)

    12. Just Like You

    13. Thinkin' About You - F...

    14. Solo Star

    15. I Used To

    16. Sky Away

    17. This Song's For You

    18. Naive

    19. Feelin' You (Part II)

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    She stinks!!!!!!!!!!!

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