Determining how to start a DFD?

after finishing an ERD, how do you determine which process you start the DFD with.

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    1 decade ago
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    I would suggest start with the high level dfd (level 0) diagram where you have all your entities and just one large process in the middle. What you'll show in this level of dfd is all the inputs going into the system and and all the outputs generated by the system. From here you can determine what other processes you'll need. Also you have to do a functional decomposition diagram to determine what systems you need.

    I haven't used these for a while now but i hope this gives you some idea.

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  • 7 years ago

    DFD is developed using top-down method.

    Detail Methods and Approach are discussed on following blog

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    "The four components of a data flow diagram (DFD) are:

    * External Entities/Terminators/Sources/Sinks (represented by a square or oval)

    * Processes (represented by a circle or rounded rectangle)

    * Data Flows (represented by an arrow)

    * Data Stores (represented by two parallel lines, sometimes connected by a vertical line)"

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