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why is it difficult to predict a hurricane's path?

which 1 of these following choices only?

the eye of the hurricane causes the hurricane's path to fluctuate or

hurricane paths never follow a reguar pattern or

a hurricane is affected by local conditions which make it difficult to predict the path or

no one can predict the weather?

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    Well to be breif you can only give a best guess. But like everything else in life it sometimes is random and there are random influences. However, you can draw up patterns and models which can give you best guesses based on previous paths and previous experiences, and current conditions. But, it is just that, a best guess.

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    Hurricane Path Prediction

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    Nature is a chaotic system which has many MANY variables in it that make it difficult to predict movements of any weather system. For instance, the water in one area of the Gulf might be a different temperature than in another area of the Gulf. The power of the hurricane is created through water temperature so this little difference can make the hurricane change paths, stall, strengthen, or some other unpredictable change. Meteorologists (the real ones, not the ones on the news) have gotten much better lately predicting paths of hurricanes. Taking into account more and more variables such as water temperature, other weather systems, jet stream strength, etc, meteorologists look at how these variables have affected weather systems in the past and then can use those historic records to predict how new storms will move. The more storms that are encountered and entered in the record, the more variables that are tracked, the better the prediction will be. For Katrina and Rita last year, there was plenty of warning. It was inaction that caused the disaster. I believe though that the Navy actually has the most accurate prediction model of all the systems to predict hurricane movement.

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    With all weather, it's unpredictable. With hurricanes, the tropical weather storms need certain conditions to form into the hurricanes as we know them. Once it becomes the spinning force of destruction, it will continue to need these conditions in order to stay as a hurricane and not revert back to a tropical storm or depression. The hurricane's path, to me, is it's way of following what it needs to survive, or sustain hurricane characteristics. Just as a wildfire or firestorm, it will spread or go in the direction, or path, of the fuel it needs to remain strong. Once their is little or no more resources to fuel it, or if rain and other factors, it will end. As with hurricanes, if the conditions needed to stay as a hurricane stop or end, so will the hurricane. I am certain a meteorolgist or meteorology major will appear on the forum and explain it correctly.

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    i think hurricane paths never follow a regular pattern

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    NO, NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!! TO THE FIRST POSTER!!!!!



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    Since it creates its own weather pattern, it can push itself. Also the water can help with this.

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    it is difficult to predict anything, all you can do is make a educated guess

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