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if your duties while working at a restaurant included cleaning tables, etc, how do you list that on a resume?

I worked at this restaurant where I assisted teh customers but sometimes when it was dead i cleaned the tables and the area where we served the meals. how should I list that on a resume under work experience?

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    This is a common question for people making resumes. Think of it in this way: prospective employers want to know how well you did a given job, not just that you showed up and did it. Employers look for people who let them know that whatever job they did, they did it well. Even in what one would consider high paying and almost glamorous jobs, there are things one has to do which aren't exactly fun. Learn to do these well even if you don't like them.

    If, for example, you list yourself as a "food server" you want to tell the new prospective employer that you took orders accurately, delivered food promptly and with a smile. Say that you always followed up with the patrons to ensure maximum satisfaction. In addition, you don't have to say that you cleaned when things were slow. Say it in a positive manner; for example, "ensured my areas of responsibility were kept spotlessly clean and neat and well stocked to achieve high degree of customer approval.

    Oddly enough, most resume writers don't see the big picture. Prospective employers are looking for a positive personality and attention to detail. Geniuses with lousy attitudes and sloppy dress rarely, if ever, get hired. Companies would rather not have someone they have to manage. If you show yourself as someone who can manage him or herself, you are ahead of the learning curve.

    I encourage you to show them through your resume that you do things when you see they need to be done instead of just waiting on a paycheck. When you say you did something on your resume, always include how well you did it, assuming you did it well at all.

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    Restaurant Duties Resume

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    You don't have to, but it would have been a nice gesture to the server. Anything above the 15% should have been left by someone other than the person paying the largest portion of the bill. If everyone paid equally, everyone should chip in like $1 or so depending on the service. The reason you leave an additional tip is because restaurants are bad about not giving the added gratuity to the server.

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    Well, most people know what a waitperson and a busser do. I don't think you need to say more than the titles.

    What might be better for you in the long run is to say what you did that made you a good employee or special, and thus good to hire. Example: "Recognized by manager for always pitching in to help with sidework and maintenance/cleaning without being asked." or "Received employee of the month 5 times during this job." Of course, it needs to be true, but you can think creatively in how you express it. If you got promoted (i.e. a raise) definitely mention that.

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    I would list it as cleaning of business during slow times. Anything you do in job you should put in your resume. This shows the potential employer that you worked above and beyond what was your assigned duties.

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    cleaning tables is part of the waitress's job unless there is a BUSBOY hired to do that job only. Most people know that waitress's do clean the tables if they have paid attention what there waitress does. So if you like just add BUS-SING TABLES to your resume'. I used to do the same job.loll

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    Wiping tables is a fundamental task for restaurant service persons. You should indicate that you are familiar with and have experience with all aspects of dining room functions and the importance of dining room maintenance.

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    You can put down that your duties included busting tables. That is the term used when you clean dishes and surfaces (tables and chairs, booths,etc.) in restaurants.

    Source(s): I managed a restaurant for 2 years and am familar with the terms associated with the jobs.
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    200*-200* All City Cafe

    Representational duties included: cleaning tables, etc, etc

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    Assisted with management and customer service.

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