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Two US Soldiers are dead, when are these extremists going to stop the killing??

They were tortured to death and decapitated. When are these extremist Muslims going to stop killing people???


I am so ashamed of my generation, our parents raised a bunch of pot smoking, "we are the world" hippies. They would kill American's reguardless if we were in their country, what happened with 9/11?? Americans weren't there and they still killed us.

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    They won't stop. They feel it furthers their cause when they kill the infidels, as the american soldiers are called. The people in Iraq killing soldiers are theones who were loyal to Saddam and the ones who have an extreme hatred for the USA. The ones who are loyal to Saddam want things to go back to way they were when they had free run of the country and Saddam was lining their pockets with millions of dollars, the ones who hate the USA are coming in from other countries and fighting because they feel we are against muslims. Funny how we have muslims in the US who are free to practice their religion freely and peacefully. No matter what may happen there will always be people who practice their religion to the extreme edges of what is written.

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    When USA stops killing. Americans aren't angels. Who's told them to poke their noses all over the world. Americans kill and torture far more Iraqis. The only difference is most of their crimes go undocumented

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    They never will, over 200 years they been fighting. When one belives he gets to enter their heaven with all the goodies that goes with it, they are willing to die. They learn from early childhood that it's their duty to die. Back in the Persia days of Iran, the soldiers were given a key to wear around their necks, the key was to unlock the door to heaven.

    If I got this right, they would get a mansion in heaven, with 70 rooms and in each room there were 70 women for them, I never saw what the women got. What man wouldn't die for that.

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    When they fully realize that "there people" are out to kill them. not the world powers but every mom an pop in there own country stands up an say no more an mean it at all cost.

    Source(s): The object of war is to kill ,soilders know that RIP
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    all people have an inalienable right to defend their home and country.

    oh by the way there are over 2500 soldiers dead 60,000 a year Iraqis dead and the extremist crusader is in the white house.

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    very simple, I think the extremists will stop killing when your own extremists starts to pack and go home..

    Its unfortunate but Bush kidnapped 3 countries, It kidnaped Afghanistan, Iraq and the United States of America;

    you sons are paying with their life for Bush corporate freinds to make profit..They arent dying for america like they would like to believe.

    Worst The US completely lost the Iraq votes, Iraq and Afghanistan are fiascos of gigantic proportions..

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    Are you now thinking that the death of Zarqawi wasn't worth the lives of a couple of young kids who didn't get a chance to experience life as an adult?

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    When we stop instigating them.

    I do feel for the families though. Its such a shame that these kids died in such a brutal manner.

    If you don't want to hear peoples' opinions, don't ask a question.

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    not as long as some in our country give them excuses see Murtha, Gore ,Kerry you get the idea

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    According to most Liberals theyre "freedom fighters"

    And WE should stop killing THEM.

    The only way they stop............ is if we stop them.

    And there's only one way to do that.

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