which would be the best song ever and from which artist?

a song that is so interesting that even if it was played a thousand times,u woun't get bored.

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    there are lots.. here it goes..

    1. forte' - could this be love

    2. chicago - will you still love me, hard habit to break

    3. air supply - i can't believe my eyes

    4. jann arden - insensitive

    5. cunnie williams - suddenly it's magic

    6. alessi brothers - i wish that i was making love

    7. mikaila - the art of letting go

    8. christopher cross - i will take you forever, is there something

    9. earth, wind & fire - every now & then

    10. el debarge - starlight express, time will reveal, who's holding donna now, someone

    11. jets - make it real

    12. john o banion - i don't wanna lose your love

    13. johnny gill - half crazy

    14. maureen mcgovern - very special love

    15. sergio mendes - let's give love a little more this time, what do we mean to each other

    16. gary barlow - so help me girl

    17. james ingram - there's no easy way to break, i dont have the heart

    18. jennifer love hewitt - no ordinary love, don't throw it all away

    19. madonna - crazy for you, i'll remember, rain

    20. mariah carey - i dont wanna cry, love takes time

    21. selena - dreaming of you

    22. 702 - dont go breaking my heart

    23. allure - last chance

    24. amy grant - that's what love is for

    25. atlantic starr - always, masterpiece, secret lovers

    26. candi - love makes no promises

    27. celine dion - if you asked me to, i love you goodbye

    28. chris walker - how do you heal a broken heart

    29. expose - as long as i can dream, ill never get over you, ill say goodbye for the two of us

    30. firehouse - i live my life for you, love of a lifetime

    31. foj - hurting inside

    32. gloria estefan - anything for you

    33. guys next door - ive been waiting for u

    34. jimmy harnen - where are you now

    35. julia fordham - love moves in mysterious ways

    36. kathy troccoli - tell me where it hurts

    37. kenny loggins - meet me halfway, forever, almost paradise

    38. klymaxx - i miss you, id still say yes

    39. kylie minogue - especially for u

    40. michael smith - somewhere somehow, i will be here for u

    41. natalie cole - miss u like crazy, starting over again

    42. rembrandts - someone

    43. reo speedwagon i cant fight this feeling anymore, in my dreams

    44. shanice - fall for u, saving forever for u

    45. sheryl crow - the first cut is the deepest

    46. stacey lattisaw - perfect combination

    47. surface - shower me with your love

    48. taylor dayne - love will lead you back

    49. the corrs - runaway

    50. tiffany - all this time, if love is blind

    51. utada hikaru - first love

    wilson phillips - youre in love

    52. dingdong avanzado - i dont want u to go

    53. ella mae saison - if the feeling is gone, now that youre gone, till my heartaches end

    54. erik santos - goodbye's not forever, ill never go

    55. freestyle - before i let you go, so slow, this time

    56. jaimie rivera - ive fallen for you

    57. jed madela - i believe in you, the past

    58. jose mari chan - is she thinking about me, afraid for love to fade

    59. martin nievera - each day with you

    60. nelson del castillo - if

    61. neocolors - say youll never go

    62. orient pearl - cry in the rain

    63. rannie raymundo - why cant it be

    64. regine velasquez - forever, youve made me stronger, more than words can say

    65. rockstar - parting time

    66. sarah geronimo - can this be love, how could you say you love me, forever's not enough

    67. second wind - pain in my heart

    68. side a - set you free

    69. the company - you changed my life in a moment, now that i have you

    70. rachelle an go - i care, when you find your voice, from the start

    71. christian bautista - color everywhere

    and the list goes on.. i love music..

  • Cathy
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    4 years ago

    Song: Recovery Artist: Frank Turner

  • iraq51
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    1 decade ago

    OK, perhaps the simplicity of the lyrics and arrangement would negate it from being so interesting that boredom wouldn't set in but.... with all respect to Elvis and Chuck Berry....

    I have to put in at least 1 vote for the first song of the modern age of rock 'n roll initiated by the British invasion. That would be the "Love Me Do" by the Beatles released on 10/05/1962.

    Personally I have several songs that I could listen to repeatedly, and I have, performed by the Eagles, Moody Blues and Bob Seger.

    * Seger Night Moves

    * Eagles Peaceful Easy Feeling

    * Moody Blues Forever Autumn

  • Bru
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    1 decade ago

    Right now, Sitting here in limbo by Jimmy Cliff. It was the song they played at the end of the documentary on Emile Griffith vs Benny Kid Paret, quite a sad story and it was fitting song for the documentary.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Harry Belafonte's "Shake Shake Shake Senora" is the greatest song ever composed! I hear it, and it puts me in the best of moods. It makes me want to sing and dance. I think it's the musical equivalent to five shots of tequila. That is how much this song rocks! Greatest song ever! You know you like this song too! Definately a must for any MP3 player.

  • 1 decade ago

    Rocky Mountain High - John Denver

  • Saah Beth by Rascall Flats or I'm already There, by Lonestar. I'm not a big fan of country music but I absalutley love those songs.

  • 1 decade ago

    Tears in Heaven -> Eric Clapton

  • 1 decade ago

    Mariah Carey : Hero

  • 1 decade ago

    As by Stevie Wonder

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